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Meet the Hollywood investigator, who helps Jeff Bezos in his sexting feud technology

The National Enquirer has his sexes and, it seems, cheeky photos. His upcoming divorce is the talk of Wall Street.

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon boss, announced Friday that he had turned to a unique figure – a "bodyguard of the stars" and a Los Angeles-based security adviser Gavin de Becker

Bezos and his longtime Ms. MacKenzie divorces, and the National Enquirer has revealed his extramarital affair with TV personality Lauren Sanchez. Bezos wrote that he wrote on the website Medium that the editor of the National Enquirer had threatened to publish sexual photos that he and Sanchez shared when he did not cancel De Becker, whom Bezos referred to as a 20-year-old friend. Bezos said De Becker was still in the workplace with instructions to "continue with the budget he needed to track the facts" associated with the Enquirer's possession.

By making his problems so public, Bezos was immediately open to De Becker's playbook.

In his 1

997 book The Gift of Fear De Becker offered a strategy for dealing with blackmailers. De Becker described the case of a client, a young actress whose ex-boyfriend demanded $ 50,000 for his silence over a private matter. He suggested "killing the threat" by exposing the matter to parents so they would not find out about it on "tabloid".

"Detecting harmful information itself is so radical, an idea that most blackmail victims never consider," wrote De Becker, noting that his law firm has "a few cases" every year.

De Becker & Associates, the 64-year-old firm, provides security and conducts, as in Bezos' case, private investigations for the rich, powerful and famous. He was romantically associated with stars – he dated Geena Davis and Alanis Morissette – and was a guest at Oprah. He and his employees are frequent opponents of the tabloid press.

In The Gift of Fear, de Becker narrates in bitter details a brutal childhood. He describes how he picked up a pistol his mother had shot his stepfather and grabbed her by the heat as his mother took care of the wounded man she had just shot. These experiences drove him to understand violence and fear.

The fate of De Becker was at least partially determined by geography. He attended Beverly Hills High School and made friends with actor Carrie Fisher, at whose funeral he spoke, and Miguel Ferrer, son of Rosemary Clooney. De Becker worked with 19 as an assistant to Elizabeth Taylor, took over at the age of 23 for Shaun Cassidy, then a teenager star, and founded in 1978 his security company.

More and more, he became a Hollywood since then known and known because he has introduced analytical processes in the security business.

Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist called as an expert against Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Kaczynski, and other prominent killers, collaborated with De Becker in 1983 De Becker's company had collected thousands of threats sent to celebrities and added dossiers their authors to assess these threats. These records and a similar collection of the US Capitol Police formed the basis for their collaborative research: a National Institutes of Justice study on threats against public figures.

They shared an interest in changing the police So the society understood stalking, which was then only experienced by a handful of famous women. Dietz, founder of the Threat Assessment Group, believes her stalking work was made "a household word" and a criminal crime.

De Becker, according to Dietz, is "at the vanguard of recognizing the similarity of paparazzi and other stalkers." De Becker also wanted to revolutionize his industry. Jeff Bezos

<img class = "gu-image" itemprop = "contentUrl" alt = "Jeff Bezos said he told De Becker to continue with the budget to follow the facts." Photo: Cliff Owen / AP

"His concern was that Hollywood was full of slapstick bodyguards with various backgrounds in martial arts or military or professional wrestling," Dietz told The Guardian. "He wanted to try to professionalize an industry that is not highly regarded. And he was a leader in this regard.

De Becker's approach is based on the assumption that violence can be expected and that alleged victims of violent crimes can be prepared. He has developed a number of threat assessment tools called Mosaic and aggressively defended against critics. Users answer a series of questions about a threatening person or incident via an online interface. The system analyzes the answers and measures the degree of threat. His efforts brought De Becker a seat opposite Oprah in 2008, a phenomenon that consolidated his status as a safety guru.

De Becker is an unabashed protector of the famous and powerful man. He started at LAX a private terminal, the Los Angeles airport, which supervised this cohort. He pulled out an ad in the Hollywood Reporter defending Mel Gibson after the actor's drunken anti-Semitic tirade was arrested in police film.

It was reported that others of his clients were Madonna, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael J. Fox and John Travolta. He offered security to Planned Parenthood, was hired by the Cosbys to investigate family threats after the only son of Bill and Camille Cosby had been killed, and he has consulted in blockbuster films, including The Bodyguard, De Becker visited the homes of De Becker's customers, visited guardhouses and secure spaces that De Becker's team had installed.

De Becker, according to Dietz, moved with the joyous charm of a successful sports agent. "He knew every aspect of the world of celebrity and had a real commitment to protecting them against people who would harm them," said Dietz.

Dietz described his time in de Becker's prominent eyes, "And frankly, fun."

Others have made a similar assessment, though Bezos may not so much enjoy his time on De Becker's railway, given his efforts.

"He's the funniest civilian I know," Comedian Harry Shearer told The Los Angeles Times in 2002 by De Becker. "He's very smart and disciplined, and he'd probably be good at what he wanted. But if you do what he deserves, it would be a necessity to have an easy side. "

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