Michael Cohen testifies Pres Trump and WikiLeaks

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Former Donald Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen will testify today on Capitol Hill at 10:00 ET, 7:00 PM PT. And according to his written statement, which was published last night, it will be one for the history books.

But how can you observe this important testimony in the middle of the day when you should work? Gizmodo has you covered. Below are links to livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, CNN and Reuters.

According to Michael Cohen, President Trump is a "cheater," a "conman," and a "liar." The most important part of his testimony will relate to WikiLeaks. Cohen claims Trump "knows that Roger Stone talked to Julian Assange about dropping the WikiLeaks e-mails from the Democratic National Committee."

As the kids say these days, whoa if true.

Stone, Trump's advisor to Trump during the 2016 campaign, has most recently denied contact with Assange, although he had previously praised his extensive communication with Assange. And these contacts come to the point whether President Trump has worked with a foreign opponent to be elected.

How will Republicans and other Trump allies reflect all these revelations? Last night, Florida congressman Matt Gaetz openly threatened Cohen with a tweet that would be seen as a witness to intimidation during normal times.

"Hey @ MichaelCohen212 – Do your wife and your father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for this chat. I wonder if she stays true to you when you're in prison. She will learn a lot …, Gaetz said in a Tweet which was addressed to Cohen .

This will not be the typical testimony of a Congress, to say the least.


There are many media that stream Michael Cohen's testimony for free on YouTube:

Facebook [19659011] Today you can follow Cohen's testimony on Facebook today:

House Oversight and Reform Committee

They also have the opportunity to bypass media companies altogether and look on the website of the House Oversight and Reform Committee .


CNN also provides options for viewing statements when you are near a TV and have a cable subscription:


Reuters TV offers options for viewing statements on devices such as your iPad or Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku

It should be noted that President Trump is already an inappropriate co-conspirator. Michael Cohen will be jailed for three years in May because the president has asked him to. But with everything that is currently politically upside down, that's not enough to disappoint the president.

There are many other issues that Cohen is expected to address, including the Trump Tower Moscow project, which was allegedly still underway until the presidential election in November 2016. Cohen will also bring along financial documents allegedly showing that Trump is the illegal Declined to make nugatory payments to women with whom Trump had committed extra-marital affairs.

We can expect to hear from President Trump's former charity, the Trump Foundation. According to Cohen's written statement, Trump instructed Cohen to ask a fake bidder to buy a portrait of Trump and drive the price as high as possible. The counterfeit bidder was reportedly repaid $ 60,000 by Trump's charity, "although he kept the art to himself." The Trump Foundation closed in December 2018 after a New York judge claimed it had a "shocking pattern of illegality." committed. [19659004] Cohen also gave evidence in his written testimony of what he will say about the President's well documented racism.

"Once, as we drove through a struggling neighborhood in Chicago, he said that only blacks can live that way." Cohen wrote. "And he told me that blacks would never vote for him because they were too stupid."

And President Trump is already tweeting this morning from Michael Hanoi, Vietnam, where he meets with North Koreans dictator Kim Jong Un:

Yes. Things are going to be funny.

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