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Microsoft announces an Azure-powered Kinect enterprise camera – TechCrunch

Today's Mobile World Congress kickoff event revolved around the upcoming Hololens, but Microsoft still had some surprises up its sleeve. One of the more interesting additions is Azure Kinect, a new corporate camera system that uses the company's permanent 3D imaging technology to create a 3D camera for businesses.

The device is actually a kind of companion to hololens in the enterprise, enabling companies to capture the depth measurement and use their Azure solutions to collect that data.

"Azure Kinect is a smart edge device that does not work" Do not just see and hear, but understand the people, the environment, the objects and their actions, "said Julia White, vice president of Azure Start of today's event. "The accuracy you can achieve is unprecedented."

What began as a gesture-based gaming peripheral for the Xbox 360 has now become an incredibly useful tool for a variety of different areas, keeping the company on the track would come to try to develop a product for the business. And unlike some more distant Hololens applications, the Azure Kinect is the kind of product that could be of immediate use.

A number of business partners have already begun testing the system's technology, including Datamesh, Ocuvera and Ava, which represent an interesting cross-section of companies. The system can be preordered now and costs $ 399.

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