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Microsoft helps disabled gamers with their own $ 99 controller video

Being in the play area, teams have a lot of action for many of our tasks.
Whether it's games we work on, the console we work on, the services we create.
The adaptive controller was such a great manifestation of what's important to this team.
As we said, we have this ethos that we work in accessibility areas to bring more people to our platform to increase the overall quality of our platform.
It is not for anything specific [INAUDIBLE] though the work could be there.
It really does increase the general meaning of what it means for someone to play.
I think that's a natural way our team has been following. Well, we do not want it to be just some sort of player or kind of game, or even a platform or device that people are playing on.
Or people from a particular country or background or identity as it was. It's a team that really values ​​us.
And I love the fact that we challenge ourselves.
Why can not our product, in this case Console and Windows, be used by more people?
That's a question we ask ourselves and then we work on it.
I think we will continue.
To work in this area, it is the parental controls on Xbox Live.
Whether it's the filters we filter in our text chat.
Whether it's online toxicity, whether it's the adaptive controller.
I see that this team really sets the bar for itself and sometimes meets it, and frankly sometimes not.
But we do not have to lower the bar if we do not hit it.
We come to 2 billion people playing video games on this planet.
And I start, like 7.4 billion on the planet.
About 4 billion are in some way connected to the Internet.
And almost half of these people play a video game.
Now some of these games are Candy Crush and Solitaire.
And some of them are Fallout, Halo and Fortnite.
I think that as an industry where you start to take that kind of influence, in terms of the broad base of people who interact with your art form, I think we have a social responsibility there.

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