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Microsoft hid the Xbox Series S several times in July

The Xbox Series S may have leaked earlier this week before it was officially unveiled, but Microsoft hid it very clearly months ago. Xbox boss Phil Spencer appeared in several interviews in front of Microsoft’s Xbox game showcase in July and hid an Xbox Series S behind him on the shelves.

Xbox official account revealed the elaborate prank today, and Spencer added that the Xbox Series S appeared in at least three YouTube video interviews in July. While it sounds surprising to have an unannounced console hidden in videos, Microsoft has a habit of hiding secrets and codes as teasers from the console announcements.

Microsoft teased its Xbox One X console with a series of videos pointing to the 6 teraflops of GPU performance before E3 in 201

7. The company also teased the Xbox Series X under the code name Scarlett in E3 teasers last year.

Microsoft was forced to announce the Xbox Series S a little earlier than planned this week after the console and its $ 299 price tag leaked. The Xbox Series S uses the same CPU as the larger, more powerful Xbox Series X and a custom 512GB SSD. Microsoft is targeting the Xbox Series S, with 4 teraflops of GPU performance on 1080p TVs and 1440p games on gaming monitors instead of 4K. The Xbox Series S will be released on November 10, priced at $ 299.

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