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Microsoft improves the favorites menu in Edge

Microsoft’s Edge browser seems to be getting new features and improvements to existing ones all the time lately, and another big change is announced today. The Redmond giant has announced a change to the browser favorites experience that will make it easier for users to see and manage their favorite websites in a pinch.

Currently, the Favorites button in the top bar of the Edge window only shows a list of favorites in the root folder, with subfolders available in individual drop-down lists. This drop-down menu also lacks any administrative functionality that needs to be accessed from the full Favorites page. That is changing now as Microsoft introduces a new drop-down menu that shows favorites in a tree view and can move items between folders.

In addition, Microsoft offers the option of pinning the favorites list to the side of the browser so that you can still see it when you visit websites. This was a feature in Edge Legacy, and Microsoft stated there was a lot of feedback asking for his return. Hence, this should be great news for fans of this feature. If you prefer the full screen for managing favorites, this is still available. It can be accessed by clicking the ellipsis button, then clicking Manage Favorites.

These changes are now available on the Canary and Dev channels. It may take them a while to find their way to a stable release, but it should still be good to hear that changes are on the way. If you can’t wait, you can download Edge Insider builds here.

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