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Microsoft is not officially buying TikTok

Microsoft has not indicated what changes have been made to the proposed service. However, today’s announcement from Microsoft follows a report this weekend from the China Morning Post that ByteDance was unwilling to sell its highly effective algorithm to a US buyer. To convince users of the service, an American buyer would have had to rewrite the underlying code that was so important to the success of the service. According to the report, ByteDance briefed both US officials and potential buyers of its decision.


7;s announcement comes days ahead of the September 15th deadline set by President Trump. Microsoft confirmed in early August that a purchase of the US arm of TikTok is being considered. With Microsoft out of the race, The New York Times reports that Oracle is the only known American applicant. The Wall Street Journal In fact, it is reported tonight that Oracle was selected as the winner, although this has not yet been confirmed by ByteDance, Oracle or US officials.

For its part, Oracle has not said how TikTok might fit into its existing strategy or what its plans for the service’s U.S. business might look like.

Engadget asked ByteDance and Microsoft for a comment. We will update our story when we hear something.

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