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Microsoft is testing a new experience reading messages in Windows 10 – TechCrunch

Microsoft announced its latest Windows 10 preview build today. While this is a fairly routine affair these days, the company also used today's announcement to launch the beta version of new messaging that anyone on Windows 10 can try out today. In the Microsoft News Bar, news from 4,500 publishers are summarized in the Microsoft News network and then displayed as a semi-persistent bar on every page of your screen.

Windows 10 has long included the Microsoft News app, which is more of a fully functional news reading experience (although I admit that I always forget that it even exists). The idea behind the News Bar is to give you a news ticker that is either always visible or that you can hide at will. To make sure you don't forget it, you can choose to see it again in two or eight hours ̵

1; or never when you're really tired of the news. Nobody would blame you.

Right now this is a pretty barebone affair with no way to really personalize the messages you see outside of your country. You can only select a few stocks that you are Microsoft wants to add weather and sports options over time (hopefully with the ability to turn off sports news, because who cares?). It would be nice to get at least an impression of what's current in the message bar, but there are currently no timestamps associated with the updates.

If you've been around long enough, you can remember Windows The famous push cover story of Active Desktop, PointCast and Wired. Somehow this Microsoft News Bar reminds me a little of it and it seems a little old fashioned to have a moving ticker on your desktop in 2020. However, if this is your style, you can try this new experience now by downloading the application from the Microsoft Store.

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