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Microsoft offers Windows 10 October Update

Windows 10

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They say big things come in small packages. When Microsoft releases its second semi-annual Windows 10 update next month, it will mostly be small things in one big package.

That’s not to say that users won’t be satisfied with an extended launch window, pre-installed browser, and various nips and tucks. However, this update continues the Microsoft tradition of introducing helpful but smaller feature updates and optimizations in the fall while saving more changes for the spring.

This version of Windows 10 is the first to have the new Chromium-based Edge browser preinstalled. It has a collection feature that can be used to collect and save snippets from web pages in a scrolling window on the right side of the screen. Just drag a page into the window and review it anytime or send saved items to Word or Excel.

Vertical browser tabs make it easy to monitor large numbers of open pages. Smart Copy saves snippets along with their formatting, including images, links, and text styling.

Edge also has a built-in tracking prevention feature and blocks unwanted programs.

The Widows 10 upgrade offers a helpful extension of the Alt + Tab function, which is traditionally used to switch between open apps. Now it can rotate through several of the recently used tabs in the Edge browser.

The start menu is being revised. The functionality basically stays the same, but users will notice a cleaner look and feel, with new, simply designed icons for apps, a semi-transparent background on tiles, and options for light and dark themes.

Windows boss Brandon LeBlanc stated on the Windows blog that the new version Build 19042.508 is the “final version” of the update. The tests will take a few more weeks.

The update will be available to everyone next month, but registered Windows Insider Program members can now get copies through the Release Preview Channel.

Microsoft has also introduced new features for the Your Phone app. The program currently allows Android users to mirror their phone screen to a desktop PC.

Better integration between phone and PC is now available. Users can view links, pictures and notes captured on their phones on their desktops as well. Tapping the share button by selecting your phone’s companion app will transfer pictures and files to the Windows 10 PC.

In addition, contacts can now be easily shared between devices. A new Contacts section is added to the Your Phone desktop app. When you select Contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses for home and work are displayed. You can send a text message or make a call through the app. A revision is also planned for the appearance of the Your Phone app.

The Windows 10 update could solve Chrome RAM problems

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