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Microsoft Surface Duo passes the durability test, but flexes

Microsoft launched the Surface Duo a few weeks ago. This is the first dual-screen device to run on Android. The company has been working on this product for over a year. Because of this, the hardware is out of date for the current market. However, if you are intrigued by its design and want to know if it’s suitable for first generation devices, we have some great news. Renowned YouTuber JerryRigEverything put the duo through a series of rigorous tests this week. And the result was a mixed bag. Also read – Samsung wants to double production of Galaxy Fold 2

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The company will be happy to know that the duo’s design passes the durability test with no problems. The YouTuber took the device through all sorts of tools to see if it was broken. Not only did Duo’s plastic design hold its own, but the hinge was also rated as solid. This is a big deal for Microsoft, especially with most of the first generation devices complaining about being missing from that department. The Galaxy Fold in particular received a lot of complaints about its screen and hinge over the past year. This even forced Samsung to redesign the product before shipping it to customers. Also Read – Microsoft Surface Duo Strong Hinge Design Teased In New Video

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Microsoft Surface Duo receives mixed reactions

So it’s good to see that Microsoft’s design team has done its homework. The YouTuber did manage to bend the duo, however, which would be rather worrying for a product costing over $ 1300 in the marketplace. This is most likely due to the plastic body being built. Maybe the next duo version could be improved with the other material finish? In both cases, the duo has had mixed market responses since its inception.

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While everyone likes the idea behind the product, the software that powers the device lacks intuitiveness. This becomes clear when you use third party products or Google. Both Microsoft and Android have cut their work on this. Other than that, Duo is a 4G device with a single camera for front and rear use. For a device worth $ 1,399, it has to offer more.

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