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Microsoft Surface Neo is reportedly delaying after 2020

The Surface Neo, Microsoft's dual-screen PC running a new operating system called Windows 10X, will miss the planned 2020 holiday release date, according to reports from ZDNet and CNBC. The company is said to have shifted its focus so that Windows 10X works well on single screens like laptops and 2-in-1 devices.

The Surface Duo, the Android phone with two screens that Microsoft recently announced alongside the Neo year has apparently not been affected so far. Third-party dual-screen or foldable PCs, such as a planned model of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, have reportedly not been able to launch Windows 1

0X this year, which is likely to be a big setback for the form factor. [19659003] Microsoft has only talked about Windows 10X in the context of dual-screen and foldable computers, but soon leaks after its announcement that the optimized operating system would also be available for laptops. While none of the reports directly state that the surface neo delay was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, ZDNet states that Microsoft's change in plan “reflects the new world in virtualization and single-screen devices have more priority than brand new form factors. "

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