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Migraineurs surprisingly benefit from daily green light exposure

Are you one of the many people who regularly experience migraine headaches? When this happens, daily green light exposure can be an effective way to reduce the frequency of these attacks, at least according to a new study from the University of Arizona. The research builds on an earlier study that implied the green light for reducing neuropathic pain in laboratory mice.

Although there are a number of migraine treatment options in the market, they will not be effective for everyone suffering from this debilitating headache. The new study focused on this latter group of people and tested the green light treatment on 29 migraineurs who were unable to get relief with the traditional options.

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7;t an ordinary green light – well, kind of. Rather, the light was presented with a certain intensity and frequency using the “correct exposure time and the correct exposure methods”, according to one of the study leaders, Dr. Mohab Ibrahim. “Just like with medication, there is a sweet spot with light.”

Study participants were given the green light for several days and reported a number of benefits: migraine severity was reduced by 60 percent, the duration of migraines decreased, and the number of these episodes per month was reduced by more than 50 percent. The best part? Unlike drugs and injections, exposure to green light had no side effects.

The effort was so effective that 28 of the 29 participants gave the green light to continue using it upon completion of the study. There is one obvious benefit to using light as a health treatment: not only is it inexpensive and readily available, but it’s also non-invasive. A number of studies have looked at the potential benefits and risks of red and blue light, with green light receiving more attention in recent years.

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