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Mil-Spec Ford F-150 has all rough and hard goods

Here comes a shipload of fun in the dirt.

Mil-Spec Automotive

Mil-Spec Automotive is best known for some incredible Hummer H1 builds, but the young Detroit-based company was ready for a new challenge. What truck is better than the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for decades?

The Ford F-1

50 has undergone Mil-Spec treatment and the results can be seen here. I think it's pretty awesome. Aside from the obvious things Mil-Spec wanted to change, like the high-performance steel front and rear bumpers, the company went ahead and did it a bit like a F-150 Raptor on steroids.

There is a tuned 5.0 liter V8 engine under the bonnet that delivers 500 hp. According to Mil-Spec, a power match that uses 91 octane to achieve the performance boost is used, but there is no forced induction here. A new electric power steering system is to improve the driving experience and also includes a new steering wheel with paddle shifters.

However, this type of truck is about the off-road driving experience. Mil-Spec delivered of course. As a "tactical" alternative to the Raptor, there is a Baja Performance Suspension package that contains many Fox Racing parts. A long-stroke suspension is included, which jumps when necessary and moves 11 inches. The setup also created a truck with 13.5 inches more track width than a warehouse F-150 . Overall, the truck is 7 inches wider than a Raptor and as big as an F-250. Yes, it's a big deal.

Buyers can add another suspension package that installs a fully adjustable coilover kit and shock absorber. It includes 3-inch bypass shock absorbers and Eibach springs for the front and rear suspension. Mil-Spec powder-coated this transmission even black to complement the overall picture of the truck. As for rubber, the company assembles 37-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires that wrap 20-inch wheels that were developed in-house.

According to the tradition, Mil-Spec offers a whole range of special equipment. Fans who need this type of rig can add a 39-inch LED light bar, a Baja roof rack, and a spare wheel rack that is suitable for an oversized off-road tire. Inside, the changes are fairly minimal, but some aluminum coatings with different buttons, and each model gets leather upholstery. Mil-Spec strikes a number plate on the center console to increase exclusivity.

Where the company is likely to have a winner is the price. Mil-Spec noted that such trucks often bring in $ 150,000, but this F-150 starts at $ 85,000. This even includes the donor truck. But all the extras add up. For example, the fully adjustable coilover kit and shock absorber cost an additional $ 6,000, and a bundle of extras for the outdoors cost $ 8,600.

Mil-Spec should start building trucks soon, although the outbreak of the corona virus can slow things down a bit. Before the builds begin, you should have time to choose one: Mil-Specs F-150 is available in agate black, magnet gray, lead foot gray, and oxford white.

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