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Minimalist proposals and weddings spread joy in the coronavirus pandemic

It is far from ideal to suggest someone significant, plan a wedding, or get married in the middle of a pandemic. But steadfast romantics around the world prove that love is not easy in the time of the corona virus, but it is still possible.

In recent months, strict precautionary measures have been taken worldwide to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Some countries like, while others like the United States have not closed significant deals. With more than 67,000 coronavirus deaths worldwide, the practice of social distancing (avoiding crowds and maintaining a minimum distance of three feet between you and others) has also become essential to "smooth the curve". But not only increasing loneliness and complicating dating, but also social distance has ruined many wedding plans.

It is undoubtedly a difficult time to take your relationship to the next level, but thanks to a little creativity and flexibility, engagement and wedding planning, and even the wedding ceremonies go on.

Proposal for a pandemic

I'm sure no one dreams of being proposed during a deadly global pandemic, but three newly engaged women I spoke to found their partners. unconventional timing to be an enormous light source in this dark time.

Karen Cascone, a 29-year-old in Long Branch, New Jersey, had been quarantined with her partner for three weeks before he suggested this. Cascone and her now fiancé Rich had always talked about getting engaged for their one-year anniversary in March, so she knew the proposal would come.

"I am not a really surprising person. I would prefer." was in control of [the proposal] and was happy to be surprised and disappointed, "Cascone said on the phone. On March 21

, she suggested they go on a romantic, socially-approved beach walk where Rich Asked.

  Minimalist suggestions and weddings spread joy in the coronavirus pandemic.


"He fell on one knee … I was just so happy," said Cascone. Although she was upset that the private moment could not be captured by a photographer, other beachgoers saw the proposal from a distance and took a few photos. "Fortunately, there were strange feet that noticed that he fell on one knee and started taking pictures," she said. "I'm really grateful for that."

Cascone was absolutely thrilled by the commitment, but five days later she was fired from her job as a sales assistant at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. "I really didn't expect it and it honestly put a big damper on this whole thing," she said. "If I had known I would lose my job so soon after my engagement, I would have probably held back until everything was more stable."

The week was full of emotional whiplash, but the thought of getting married to Rich one day keeps Cascone's mood alive. "I can't see my nieces I'm obsessed with. I can't see my mother because she is diabetic. So I use [the wedding] as light at the end of the tunnel," she said. "[The idea] that we will all celebrate together is the only thing that helps me."

Monica Shahbaznia, a clinical psychologist living in Los Angeles, told a similar engagement story. On March 23, just over a year after she and her fiancee Mark McQueen met, he suggested a socially distant walk for her.

The two went down to Little Brown Church in the valley, where Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis married in 1952 when McQueen asked Shahbaznia to "stay calm" for the first time.

Although they had previously spoken about an engagement, Shahbaznia said she was completely surprised. "I went and sat in one of the church pews. He is 6'4" and suddenly tried to kneel, "she recalled." He had this little box in his hand and opened it … I grabbed him and hugged him and had tears in my eyes. I didn't expect it – I don't know. But it was an absolutely beautiful moment and I felt so at peace. "

  Minimalist proposals and weddings spread the joy of the coronavirus pandemic.

Image: Photo courtesy of Monica Shahbaznia

Jenn C., a 27-year-old who works in Nashville in the area of ​​age and financial planning, also became engaged in March – although her fiancee Kolin K. had to change his original proposal plans for April.

"My parents and my best friend had booked flights from North Carolina and wanted to meet our closest friends to surprise me," Jenn said in a Twitter DM. "As social distance became more and more mandatory and necessary, Kolin had to change course."

"He decided he couldn't wait for self-isolation to go away, especially since no one had any idea when it would be," said Jenn. Instead, on March 28, Kolin proposed to her at her favorite hiking spot. Although the two wished they could have celebrated the special moment with family and friends, they wanted to tell FaceTimed the good news and realized that they would rather wait to meet in person if it was safer.

"Now my mother and best friend can use the flights they had to postpone to get to Tennessee when all this is over to shop for clothes. And our reunion with friends when we are within six feet of everyone can be different will be an even bigger celebration! "said Jenn.

Proposing is easy, but remote wedding planning is difficult.

For some, like Rebecca S., a 27-year-old speech pathologist who got engaged in October, the coronavirus has already made this stressful. The act of planning a wedding is even more difficult.

Rebecca and her fiancé Alex left Manhattan to quarantine their family in Fairfield, Connecticut shortly after New York began discussing protocols for on-site protection. Remote planning was not easy, however.

"I found that some florists were reluctant to schedule meetings because they preferred to show me their showrooms [in person]," Rebecca said in a Facebook message. "I had some technological issues and dropped video calls with vendors, which makes wedding planning difficult. And I have to rely on photos from company websites, wedding apps / websites and Instagram to rate vendors, which makes it difficult to compare companies . "

"It will be a test of patience. You are currently planning a war."

"We were planning an engagement party for late May / early June, but will probably only have it to cancel it all now," added Rebecca, noting that some couples have upcoming spring, summer, and spring wedding dates had to fall in early autumn (or cancel it entirely).

Fortunately, Rebecca and Alex's ceremony is booked for July 24, 2021, which is still over a year away. But the situation is so uncertain that even people who got engaged during the pandemic are holding back on planning.

"At the moment you have to take a break and say: & # 39; Many churches are reasonably closed and venues are closed. & # 39;" said Shahbaznia. "It will be a test of patience. I just have the feeling that you are planning something in a war. I would like to take a moment to interrupt the planning process and start as soon as this is over."

Creative Corona Virus Ceremonies

Although no one should hold large wedding ceremonies or gather with groups of people during this dangerous time, not all marriages are put on hold until concerns about the corona virus dissipate. Some couples conduct scheduled ceremonies, but are changing their plans to better adapt them to new global realities.

For example, Ahmed Saeed, a 28-year-old manager in Egypt, just married his partner Hagar (25) in a greatly reduced ceremony.

"Our wedding took place on Friday, March 13th," Saeed said in an email, ensuring that the irony of the date was recognized. "Our friends, family and colleagues who live abroad not only had to cancel, it turned out that this weekend was the worst storm in Egyptian history since 1994. So many of those who were in Egypt couldn't make it either. " "

" It was a roller coaster, a scary one, "he said." Until the morning of the wedding, we received one call after another from someone who had canceled or something that we had been planning for months and that was not in ours Direction goes. But we never had any doubts that we would, even if it were just the two of us dancing in a muddy puddle with the chaos and lightning in the background. "

Although the ceremony was not" as big or extravagant "as the couple had planned, Saeed and his wife loved their intimate day.

  The newly married couple Hagar and Ahmed.

The newly married couple, Hagar and Ahmed.

Miguel Jimenez (31) and his fiance Kait Hess (27) are also planning a wedding on April 7th.

The two Boston Institute of Technology scientists living in Boston are planning an intimate ceremony with just two close friends (and two cats) in the Boston Public Garden. "One of our two friends got a one-day label from the city to marry us," said Jimenez in a Twitter DM. After the ceremony, the four order food from a local restaurant and have a picnic.

"Instead of our original after party, we're hosting a virtual wedding confirmation party with our friends and family," said Jimenez. Then, when it is safe to travel again, the couple are planning a "Marriage Acknowledgment Tour" with seven stops that will allow them to share late wedding celebrations with their loved ones.

"We can spread our time, money, and time. Most importantly, our excitement is over several months, rather than confining them and our friends and family to a single day," said Jimenez. "I am very excited and reassured that despite this challenge, we are both very flexible and creative and have found a way to make the best of it."

The importance of love in the time of the corona

Although pandemic proposals and wedding ceremonies may not meet original expectations. You are greeted very much because they provide the much-needed joy in this chaotic, heartbreaking time.

"There is good news in the world among all the crap," said Cascone. "People are finally starting to smile when they scroll through Facebook instead of all of the scary things you've usually seen lately."

When Shahbaznia thought about the refreshing power of love in this difficult time, he drew a parallel between Gabriel García Márquez & # 39; novel from 1985, love in the time of cholera. "It is the idea that there is such fear among people – people know that they infect each other and that there is no real vaccine or treatment or whatever – but love rules and goes on ", she said. [19659002] Whether it's a minimalist proposal, a reduced vow exchange, a wedding with a distant zoom, or a placeholder ceremony in Animal Crossing expressions of love – no matter how unconventional – have so much weight during this pandemic . [19659002] Several people in this story asked Mashable not to provide their last name for privacy reasons.

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