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Mirakl Raises $ 70 Million to Manage the Marketplace of Your Ecommerce Website – TechCrunch

The French startup Mirakl brought a financing round of 70 million US dollars. Bain Capital leads the way and existing investors 83North, Felix Capital and Elaia Partners also participate.

If you've bought some third-party products on an e-commerce site that is not Amazon or Alibaba, chances are you've used Mirakl in the past. The company has developed a solution to manage the marketplace of your ecommerce platform.

Mirakl does not have many customers, but every customer is very valuable. The company has worked with some of the biggest names in e-commerce to create new revenue streams with a marketplace. Examples include Best Buy in Canada, Walmart in Mexico, Office Deport and Darty.

Startup also lets you create B2B marketplaces for bulk selling and other complicated transactions. Sellers can set minimum and maximum quantities and adjust their offers.

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8, the startup managed to add 60 customers and open 37 marketplaces – doubling the gross volume of goods compared to 2017. And it is true that marketplaces are attractive. You can increase your revenue significantly without physical infrastructure investment as third-party providers handle logistics.

Behind the scenes, Mirakl has developed connectors that work with multiple e-commerce platforms. After setting up Mirakl, your third-party vendors will also get their own on-board backend. Mirakl helps you continuously to maintain a certain level of quality and to process orders.

Mirakl has recently developed a catalog manager that helps you manage product lists more easily. Here you can view product information, merge product listings and generally moderate your platform. Any e-commerce site can use this site, not just sites that run a Mirakl marketplace.

The company has also set up a marketplace for services that will enable you to sell out your customers before checking out with extended warranties and third party insurance products.

Mirakl works with global B2B platforms as well as retail websites that typically operate in one or a few countries. 30 percent of private customers are French, 30 percent are Americans and 40 percent come from the rest of the world. The startup will charge an upfront fee and a monthly subscription that varies according to the success of your market.

With today's round of financing, the company plans to do more on a larger scale. Mirakl will expand the team, expand into new countries and improve the product offering.

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