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Mobile phones are too fragile for European companies

New research has shown that European companies are investing in mobile phones more than ever before for their employees, as increased costs and productivity losses on cell phones are too fragile for the work environment to support robust devices. [19659002] Cat phones and the Bullitt Group conducted a survey of mobile phone buyers at 497 European companies. They said 69 percent more spend on corporate phones than ever before, and more than half of respondents said repairing and replacing defective equipment is a growing problem.

Over the past three years, 99 percent of business phone shoppers have suffered damage And 86 percent said that the damage was substantial enough to repair or replace an employee's device. 1

9659002] According to the survey, the most frequent causes of equipment repair are broken screens (69%), physical breaks (47%), water damage (44%) and errors caused by d or sand entering the device (21%) ,

Productivity Impact

Productivity also drops significantly when employees are forced to do without a mobile phone during repair or replacement.

Thirty-one percent of companies reported significant productivity implications, with another 40 percent reporting significant productivity implications. Long repair times exacerbate this problem. Only 21 percent say that repairs take up to one working day, while the majority (63 percent) believe that repairs can last from two days to a week. In addition, 16 percent of respondents have seen that some repairs take even longer.

According to research by CCS Insight, one in three European consumers has experienced a broken smartphone screen in the past three years. Without insurance, replacing a broken smartphone screen is not cheap and costs between $ 170 and $ 400. These costs can escalate even further in a business environment where buyers purchase multiple devices for their employees.

Ben Wood, Chief of Research of CCS Insight, gave further insights into the results of the survey and said:

"The fragility of modern-day smartphones has become a real problem. Unsurprisingly, companies are looking for more robust devices, given the cost of repairing smartphones and the negative impact on productivity when a device breaks down. "

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