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Model S drives itself on the highway at 60 MPH, human stupidity is limitless

The debates about whether to call autopilot at all go back several years, since the first fatal accident involving an autopilot and a driver not paying attention. For its part, Tesla repeats the same thing over and over again: regardless of what the name autopilot might suggest, it is not a self-driving technology. So the driver has to be at the wheel, his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road, ready to take over in seconds.

Nobody told this to the “star” of the latest viral video. We’re now used to seeing some pretty stupid things on TikTok, but that’s the crown for this week: a couple of brothers (four of them) took a Tesla Model S on the freeway, put it on autopilot, and left the driver̵

7;s seat empty. As the car drove on Highway 60, they relaxed and sang to Justin Bieber infant and sipped at seltzer.

The level of stupidity here is incredible. First (and least of all) the US has the Open Container Act, which would hold all four types primarily responsible for fines for drinking seltzer in a moving car. The owner of the car could probably still be hit with a DUI fee even if they are not in the driver’s seat.

Then there is the more dangerous stuff “When the car is a better driver than you” which is hardly the case. Sure, autopilot can go straight on the freeway and even avoid obstacles or brake in an emergency, but that doesn’t mean you can just jump from the driver’s seat and relax in the front passenger seat.

Third, if you want to do stupid, highly reckless, and illegal stuff, at least don’t post any evidence of it on social media.

Even so, Teslas are technologically advanced electric vehicles with a driver assistance system that is currently often referred to as the best on the market. But even as such, there is still a long way to go to level 5 autonomy when it will be perfectly able to drive the car on its own without a human operator present. You still won’t be able to drink alcohol in the car (probably), but at least you could say the car is a better driver than you.

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