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Momo Children's Challenge to Recover Self-Injuring Surfaces in YouTube Videos – Technology News, Firstpost

Remember the infamous Momo Challenge (which has nothing to do with angry buzz) that plagued the Internet every year

It seems that it has made a comeback, and no surprise that YouTube is the medium for spreading the dangerous challenge.

  Challenge Momo.

Challenge Momo.

YouTube videos of popular children's shows such as Peppa Pig suddenly started, the girl's & # 39; Momo Challenge & # 39; to show up in the middle of the episodes Manchester Evening News . This happened following YouTube's preference for for Kids Kids for alleged and disturbing content.

The figure, a Japanese doll with arched eyes and a scary grin, encourages children to harm themselves and perform dangerous tasks that could lead to suicide. The doll challenges the intended target to contact an anonymous person under a WhatsApp number, after which the person shares violent images and dares to do so. Peer pressure or social exclusion were denounced as possible reasons why children may even consider this challenge, as in a report from the website Snopes .

Social media challenges are nothing new. From the less dangerous Kiki Challenge or the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to challenges such as Self-Burning the Internet has been fraught with challenges for some time. The "Momo Challenge" is quite reminiscent of the Blue Whale Challenge (19459006), which had the same modus operandi.

However, apart from the obvious manipulation of children to commit self-harm, BBC has said that the reappearance of the Momo Challenge could be a hackney hack, to get information.

In India, the Momo Challenge challenged the lives of two children during the Blue Whale Challenge has at least five cases of suspected suicide.

Considering that both YouTube and YouTube Kids become a reservoir of harmful content for children, it's important that parents monitor their child's YouTube activity. Signs that your son / daughter might be involved in one of these challenges might include:

  • online activity on the Internet
  • Unusually spending time on social media
  • Hiding the screen when you view it
  • Begin to be withdrawn or angry after using the Internet
  • Having Multiple Phone Numbers or Email IDs

It is important to have an open conversation with children if any of the above symptoms occur ,

Suicide is not the answer to anything. If you feel a need for self-harm, please contact AASRA's 24×7 hotline number: 022 2754 6669

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