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Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Released

Milla uses the demon mode for these double blades.
Gif:: Sony

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Though Milla Jovovich herself could take it some larger swords. Having two swords doesn’t make up for it!

After this Months of teasing, Sony has dropped the first official trailer for Monster hunter, Paul WS Anderson’s adaptation of the popular Capcom video game franchise. No direct adaptation of the monster hunting game series, the movie stars Jovovich as Captain Artemis, a U.S. Military officer who transports himself and your unit to a strange world of huge beasts mysterious sandstorm.

From there we actually get some pretty loyal ones Monster hunter Geez, including Tony Jaa like he’s right off Monster Hunter World fire his bow and swing that really adorable giant sword. But there are The monsters themselves also give us a glimpse of Diablos and Rathalos as Artemis and her team adapt to the new world they find themselves in. It looks like good silly fun, if not a 1: 1 game of games.

Monster hunter is set Hit theatersomehow in December.

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