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mophie Power Bank, Tatcha Sale, Weighted Blankets and more

A Sale of Handcrafted Goods Final Fantasy X | X-2 for the Nintendo Switch Energizer Headlamp and a Doritos Discount Make the best deals on the Internet on Sunday.

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Today's Best Tech Deals

Want to spend a huge TV, but not much? At the moment, Walmart has lowered this 58 "4K Sharp value to a low $ 320 and it offers many features you need for a television, including Dolby Vision with a resolution of 2160p, built-in Chromecast and dimming in 192 zones, and for your information, this is the lowest price we've ever seen.

Save a lot on this versatile 10,500 mAh Encore Plus Power Bank The battery can charge two devices via the built-in Micro USB and USB-C cables.

With 10,500 mAh, your smartphone can charge multiple times and it's compatible with fast charging. You can charge it for only $ 17 at B & H, but note that this is a special promotion where the discount is only valid until the end of the day or until sold out.

If You Want Build a Project-Based Budget Home Cinema that Prizm II is a good choice [1] 9459004] and now you can purchase it for just $ 160.

This is the Perfect Option for budget-conscious consumers who want to immerse their toes in a different kind of home theater. It is regularly sold for around $ 270, and this price was already a bargain. For $ 160, this is basically a breeze.

$ 160 From amazon Use the code PZM4EVER

811, which was purchased by readers GMG may receive a commission

Say goodbye to yours ugly barebones router with this 120-dollar mesh network from TP-Link . Systems like TP-Link Deco, Google WiFi and eero are a great solution for dead zones in your home.

How They Work: Multiple nodes or access points work together to provide signals to your home. Better yet, their glossy design encourages people to keep them out of cupboards and drawers and in view to deliver an unencumbered signal.

The best thing about this particular model is the fact that the satellite units are actually wall plug-ins. That means they stay out of the way and do not occupy a counter space. Be careful not to leave them outside.

This model also offers all the benefits of a modern router (such as 802.11ac / WiFi 5 and app-based management) and is routinely offered for $ 160 to $ 200, or about $ 10 off the cost lowest price we have ever seen.

You must spend hundreds of dollars to get the benefits Noise Canceling Headphones: With the KINJABH40 promo code, TaoTronics' noise cancellation today costs just $ 30.

The ANC will not do this fits Sony or Bose, but it will definitely work well, especially against persistent noises like fans or aircraft engines. With just one charge they last 40 hours, are extremely comfortable and fold easily.

The Best Deals on Today's Private Customers

Winter is coming and when that cruel idiot comes, you're glad you invested in that weighted blanket of 20 pounds . Use promo code 49CBLUJ2 to save $ 16 for this adult-size blanket.

Liven up your home with up to 30% Discount on Handmade Decor and Gifts in Today's Gold Box. Choose from a range of candles, art prints, mugs, accessories and much more with prices starting at around $ 10.

This is a really big sale and there is something for everyone. For what it's worth, I find that many art prints look awesome and it's not a bad idea to stock up on presents for your friends.

Remember, this is a gold box deal. These prices are therefore only valid until the end of the day or sold out. On the main page of you will find all options.

I do not know that I've ever met anyone I do not like Doritos, so I expect every one of you to use this deal as I did. Get 40 snack packs of five different flavors for under $ 10 after cutting off the $ 4,000 coupon. That's less than a quarter per bag, and if you do not like taste, you can send it to me.

Ankers Eufy security systems are poised to ring with their ever growing security devices to put to the test. The company's latest offering, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell is now available for $ 110 after using promo code DBEUFY88 .

This special model offers a ton for little. You'll get a live view of who's at the door and talk to anyone who visits you. According to Eufy, the doorbell uses AES-128 data encryption to ensure that your footage remains private during transmission and storage. The best? No monthly fees!

The only catch is that the doorbell only works if you already have a doorbell cabling. There is no battery powered option here.

Mimic Theater popcorn with this Deal on Flavacol Spice Sale . This 35 ounce size is enough for hundreds of batches. This is a $ 2 discount off the regular price. I'll say that the popcorn of the cinema is something quite indescribable that can not be achieved with any amount of coconut oil or nutritive yeast.

So get some spice before this deal ends.

Do not Sleep That Day Snuggle-Pedic Gold Box . Choose from Memory Foam Pillows and Mattresses from 21 USD. These are the lowest prices we have seen for these particular products. You should therefore inform yourself before going to bed.

$ 80

Amazon now has many internal fashion brands thanks to this gold box. You can take off up to 40% of men's shirts of all brands. Choose from regular T-shirts, buttons, polo shirts and much more. Prices start at just $ 14. Keep in mind that all these offers are only available today and the best items could be sold out early. I've added some tips below, but be sure to visit Main Post to see all the options.

$ 13

From amazon

GMG may receive a commission [19659105] $ 32

From amazon

GMG can get an order

I'll never stop singing the praise of prAna just ask my friends. I own six of her pants, four shorts (and a cap) and they are the best I've ever used. They also have an incredible sustainability credo and are blowing out a lot of equipment right now. Whether it's rock climbing, hiking, yoga or whatever an outdoor fan may be, prAna is making great equipment for it.

Just a brainy, REI has a great sale today. So be sure to take a look at and compare prices.

The end of the season is the best time to buy all the equipment for next year. That's why you really have no excuse not to shop at the REI End of Season Sale . Here you can get up to 50% off over 10,000 clothing, outerwear, footwear, camping and hiking items for ].

Save on such coveted gear as the REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack ( Men's & Women's ), Men's Patagonia Houdini Snap T Pullover Jacket and The North Face Base Camp Slides ( Men & Women ), to name but a few. However, if you have certain brand loyalty, I recommend switching to the sales page and filtering by brand. There are a few of your favorites to choose from:

You'll definitely need time to sort through thousands of deals, so set your weekend free and start shopping now.

Winter, also known as the driest season, is in full swing way, and your skin is in a rude, scaly, cracked awakening. Fortunately, with Murad's latest sale of Moisturizers you can prepare yourself for impending dehydration. Right now, you can save 20% of all the brand's ultra-moisturizing products with the promo code HYDRATE including a coveted Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream or ] Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum LSF 30 | PA +++ . It's enough to help you stay smooth and wet all season long.

Today's Best Media Offers

It's Sunday, meaning that Amazon handles a sale on Kindle eBooks . This time, you can choose from a range of first installments in a literary series priced from $ 1. Select Killing Eve: Codename Villanelle The Rook: A Novel The Book of the Nameless Midwife [19659118] Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead and more.

I've recorded some notable titles below, but go to Deal Page ] to see all the options.

You probably have a folder full of restaurant del ivery apps on your phone, but if you have not tried Postmates they also offer things like food and alcohol besides Chipotle and Shake Shack (though Chipotle and Shake Shack should be enough to reach them) If you ask me, you can download the app.

If you have a [1 9459096] New customer are You can download the app and use promo code KINJA100 Your first order (minimum of $ 15) will give you up to $ 100 for the delivery fee for the first 7 days. If you're not a postmate, it basically means you'll be delivered for a week for free. Please note that the credit note only applies to the shipping costs, not to the items you actually ordered. Do not forget to tip!

Today's Best Gaming Offers

Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster on the Nintendo Switch today costs only $ 30. This is one of the rare discounts for this title and an all-time low. With this bundle you get about 100 hours of RPG action, and that's pretty amazing for the price. Besides, these one hundred hours are pretty sweet .

$ 48

By Amazon

383 purchased by readers GMG may receive a commission
If you had ever wished Minecraft would be more … LEGO -based? Well, good news LEGO Worlds
for the Nintendo Switch currently costs only $ 13.

Kotaku had a lot of fun with it and it seems to be updated fairly regularly. At least it's a cost-effective way to entertain a child for hours, right?

Humble Monthly's new series of Early Unlock games has long been one of the most appealing offerings in the service. If you subscribe to (or are already subscribed to) this month, you will receive a Steam copy of Call of Duty WWII of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and . Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy immediately and in addition to the mystery games unlocked at the end of the month.

As always you can keep the games even if you cancel your $ 12 per person monthly subscription, 5% of your subscription price goes to charity, and you get other benefits as well as discounts at the Humble Store.

Do you need an additional controller for your PS4? eBay has downgraded the DualShock 4 wireless controller to $ 35 .

Non-PS4 owners should know that Apple lets you use these controllers for their Apple TV or iPhone. If you've loved your free Apple Arcade Trial and would like to know more about your game, this is your chance.

A GameCube Controller is the correct way to play Super Smash Bros . But even Nintendo's re-releases of the gamepad require an adapter to plug into the switch.

In contrast, this replica of PowerA plugs directly into one of the USB ports on your switch dock, and has exactly the same button layout (plus switch-specific buttons in the center that you use in the system navigate and take screenshots). It's not nearly as popular as the wireless version of PowerA on the same gamepad, but at an all-time low of $ 20 it's much cheaper.






Deals You May Have Missed

USB to Lightning Cables are the way of the future (Apple even includes them with the new iPhone 11 Pros), and this 10 RAVPower's Dollar Cable Deal (with the promotion code TILG76WS ) is one of the best the cheapest we've seen so far. This costs more than a normal third-party Lightning cable. However, if you connect it to a USB-C charger, your iPhone will be charged at 18W. With normal Lightning cables you are limited to 12W.

In context, this means that you can charge a newer iPhone from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes which actually pays you to travel and want to pour as much juice as possible into your phone before You get on a flight. Or if you want to set off for the night and be sure that you have enough batteries to order an Uber home.

Note that fast loading is limited to iPhone 8 or higher.

We plunge into one -watching Periods of the year: Football is in the mid-season, the NBA and NHL both record the ride, summer blockbusters are released on video, and fall TV shows begin premiering.

So, If You Are Not Satisfied If you're satisfied with your current home theater, you can do much worse than upgrade to this 65-inch Vizio E-Series set for $ 500 – an all-time low this size, but the 4K Vizio even manages to downsize locally for better contrast (there are only 12 zones, but that's still a lot better than none), and even Dolby Vision HDR support ( that is the good kind of HDR ).

Even if you do not have an international vacation on the immediate horizon, it's never a bad idea to have a Universal Power Socket Adapter in your luggage, as you definitely do not want to overpay at the airport.

This model from Xcentz is in use worldwide and contains a pair In addition to a universal power outlet, there are several USB charging ports so you can charge your phone and tablet in addition to your laptop. Be sure to use the coupon code XCENTZ259 at checkout to receive the offer.

Sony's latest Bluetooth headphones exchanged some noise canceling know-how (but not the sound quality, crucial) against a lower price tag and according to Gizmodo they are a " instant classic " in their price range.

Already a solid bargain at $ 250 (RRP), you can get the pair today for $ 198 on Amazon an all-time low. This is still an investment, but you get great sound quality, 30 hours of battery life, touch sensor control, app-controlled sound quality settings, and damn good noise cancellation. If you travel frequently, work in a noisy office, or travel to work by public transport, they are well worth the cost.

If you hate having a tangle behind your desk or home theater See, A Cheap Package Velcro Style Cable Tie may offer the best ROI of any product … ever? This Amazonerbasics 50s pack is available for only $ 5 and combines your cables into a single, handy mega cable.

These are not just velcros. The loop design allows you to easily tighten or loosen them when needed without having to remove them completely. Next time you buy a new game console, you can add the power cord to your bundle without having to do all your hard work again. They are amazing. They make you feel comfortable organizing things. You probably saved my marriage. Buy it.

This Bougie, incandescent mount is none Lamp as you understand it, but it can give any room a unique charm.

Simply plug the 15-inch Turquoise Cord directly into a power outlet, and then screw a compatible E26 Bulb into the brass socket and hang it with the supplied hardware on the ceiling. It is partly rustic and functional, partly trendy and all Pinterest-worthy. $ 15 is an all-time low and is below the usual $ 20.

A new season is a good time to rethink your home decor, and you can certainly find your way Room to upgrade with something of Design Within Reach's Semiannual Sale . Save 15% on Thousands of Articles including fully equipped furniture such as sofas and chairs, as well as eye-catching accents such as lamps and rugs. The quantities are limited. So do not wait until you find the stylish parts that are right for your home decor.

Beyond the usual $ 50 discounts you'll find in the middle of every podcast, Casper Mattresses is not often on sale, and Casper accessory deals are even rarer. But this 10% worldwide sale (now live) promises serious savings if you still can not get rid of this old coil spring. You have made the same offer for a few other holidays this year, but this is still a solid offer if you are looking for a great bed in the market.

To get this offer, you must buy a mattress (sorry), Dog Mattresses do not count, so you can not take advantage of it if you only buy accessories. But 10% savings on a standard Casper mattress yield nearly $ 100 at a Queen or up to $ 269 at the new, sophisticated Wave Mattress . Just use the promo code DREAMY10 at checkout to see how the savings pile up.

Autumn is in full swing. If you would like a new Quilt Comforter or Blade Set you must consider Crane & Canopy's Friends and Family Sale . With the coupon code SWEET15 you save 15% on your orders over 200 USD. Not only do you need to modernize your bedroom, you can also purchase the bathroom collection from Crane & Canopy and the decor .

A new season is a great opportunity to remodel the look and feel of your home. With the Hang on the Horizon, Wayfair makes it easy to upgrade every room inside (or outside) your home with their October Super Sale . Get up to 70% off on everything from rugs to bedding to seating in the living room by Tuesday and enjoy cool weather with a cool new home atmosphere.

Yamazaki takes universal problems in organizing households – storing shoes, organizing toilet paper rolls, wiring cables – and some of the finest solutions out there.

Nowadays, at Huckberry some of their wares are sold for 15%. out. Inside, you'll find solutions to specific options – dog bowls, a narrow trolley next to your fridge, the aforementioned toilet paper holder – and beautiful furniture that can be used in any home, such as side tables, coat hooks and shelves. Everything combines black stainless steel and wood in a beautiful and interesting way, and I want to buy everything.

The Philips Norelco OneBlade has been my favorite razor and one of our favorites for years. If you have ever shaved, you can get the low priced trimmer for $ 10.

If you're not familiar with this, we have the following to say about The Inventory :

The Philips OneBlade blew me away. I had expected a deconstructed electric razor or a spiked Gillette-Power-style situation, but the OneBlade is more similar to the next development of the beard trimmer . [19659018] With the OneBlade you can shave, cut or cut to the desired length. It is also washable and rechargeable, and the replaceable blades which hold an estimated four months, are already available at Subscribe and Save .

The OneBlade can be used under the shower or over the shower sink, with or without shaving cream or oil. To be clear, this will not give you a razor-sharp shave, but you will be able to travel 99.5% of the way there in no time and without irritation.

The OneBlade usually sells for $ 35 and is rarely discounted outside the holidays. I paid the full price for two of them (one for the home, one for my suitcase) and I would do it again.

Are you in the market for a new fall jacket? Currently, Huckberry is blowing what some call "the ultimate" fall and spring jacket: the Proof Nova Series Insulated Jacket. This versatile jacket usually costs about $ 100 and currently costs only $ 59.

It has all the features you want for fall and spring. It is insulated, water repellent, stretchy and can be stored in a built-in bag. Better yet, you can choose from three colors: olive, black and steel. Get yours while it's still in stock.

If you train regularly or at all, you deserve a medal. Oder gönnen Sie sich einfach ein paar neue Sneakers und / oder Activewear von Reebok . Derzeit gewährt der sportbegeisterte Einzelhändler 40% Rabatt auf die gesamte Site und zusätzlich 50% Rabatt auf den Verkauf für Columbus Day mit dem Promo-Code TAKE40. Die Chancen stehen gut, dass Sie diese stark reduzierten Einkäufe für viele Workouts nutzen werden.

Wenn Sie unsere spoilerific preview von Funkos Marvel-Adventskalender gesehen haben und sich für Sie entschieden haben Trotz der kriminellen Hetze von Ant Man ist es heute wieder ein Allzeittief von 40 US-Dollar bei Amazon.

Im Kalender finden Sie 24 kleine Marvel-Helden und Schurken es auf Ihrem Schreibtisch zu ducken. Sie sollten bis Dezember warten, um den Kalender von Tag zu Tag zu öffnen, aber wir werden nicht nach Hulk fahren, wenn Sie einige Ihrer Favoriten vorzeitig öffnen möchten.

Und wenn Sie es gestern verpasst haben, ist Funkos Harry-Potter-Kalender ebenfalls auf 38 gesunken.

Wenn Sie eine PlayStation 4 besitzen oder diese bald kaufen möchten, Der heutige 39-Dollar-Deal für PlayStation Plus im Wert von einem Jahr ist ungefähr so ​​günstig wie der Service jemals.

Nur einen Kopf hoch, das ist für eine physische Karte, also musst du warten, bis sie verschickt wird . Aber dies ist ein großartiger Preis, und einer, der oft nur in der Weihnachts-Einkaufssaison angeboten wird.

Triple-A-Titel für den Switch wie Super Smash Bros. Ultimate werden so gut wie nie zum Verkauf angeboten, aber richtig Jetzt können Sie für nur 50 US-Dollar das unentbehrliche Nintendo-Kampf-Mash-up erwerben – ein Match für den besten direkten Rabatt, den wir für diesen Titel gesehen haben. Wenn Sie einen Schalter haben und dieses Spiel noch nicht besitzen, ist dies Ihre Chance, dies zu korrigieren.

Der Dezember ist noch weit entfernt, aber nichts hindert Sie daran, den Harry-Potter-Adventskalender von Funko zu kaufen. Sie können sogar einige Tage aufbrechen, um Ihre Lieblings-Funko-Figuren zu sammeln … das werden wir nicht sagen.

Leider sind diese Funko-Figuren nicht in Originalgröße, aber hübsch süß. Unnötig zu erwähnen, dass dies auch ein großartiges Geschenk für jeden Potterhead in Ihrem Leben wäre .

eBay bietet einen Nintendo-Schalter für nur 234 USD an wenn Sie an der Kasse den Gutscheincode POWERTEN verwenden. Dies ist der Switch der ersten Generation, also der Switch, den alle anderen haben, der jedoch im Vergleich zum neueren Modell hinterherhinkt.

Dieser Switch wurde von Nintendo überarbeitet. Es ist also ziemlich einfach anzunehmen, dass sie die Überholung richtig ausgeführt haben. [19659257] Wir haben beim neuen Nintendo Switch mit drastisch verbesserter Akkulaufzeit nicht viele große Deals gesehen, aber im Moment wirft Amazon beim Kauf eines eine Geschenkkarte im Wert von 25 USD ein. Was Nintendo Switch-Rabatte anbelangt, ist das ziemlich solide und ungefähr so ​​viel, wie wir bei diesem neuen Modell gesehen haben.

Tipp : Geben Sie Ihre Geschenkkarte für 25 USD für einen Pro-Controller aus. , Sie werden es nicht bereuen.

Coalatree stellt einige unserer Lieblings-Wanderhosen her und letztes Jahr wurde ein Hoodie aus gebrauchtem Kaffeesatz vorgestellt, der irgendwie unglaublich weich und bequem war. Aber ihr letztes Projekt ist eines der umwerfendsten Kleidungsstücke, die wir je anprobiert haben.

Grafik : Kickstarter

Der Whistler Windbreaker ist ein dünner Windbreaker, der offen gesagt auf den ersten Blick nichts Besonderes zu sein scheint. Sicher, die nylonartige Hülle fühlt sich etwas weicher an als die meisten anderen und die DWR-Beschichtung hält leichten Regen ab. Und okay, es kann in einer eigenen Vordertasche verstaut werden, und Sie werden es sicherlich gerne an einem windigen Tag tragen. But it’s just a nice windbreaker, nothing more.

That is, until you snag it on a tree branch or the thorns of a bush.

If you puncture the Whistler, you can just…rub your finger over the hole…and it’ll patch itself in seconds. Literally, that’s all you have to do. I tried it myself, and it really did work as well as advertised on a small nail hole. It works because of a material that Coalatree is calling HiloTech, which is comprised of microscopic nylon fibers that can adhere to each other to form permanent bonds just by applying a little bit of heat and friction.

Gif: Kickstarter

Admittedly, I didn’t have any luck on a small linear cut that I made with some scissors, so it’s not like HiloTech will heal major damage. Think Spider-Man, more than Wolverine. But you’re less likely to encounter serious rips than you are small punctures while wearing this thing around town or on the trail, and you could always patch it just like any other piece of clothing.

The Whistler just went up on Kickstarter at a price of $72 for earlybirdsdown from the expected MSRP of $129, with shipping expected in March 2020.

Privé Revaux has long made some great looking, affordable sunglasses, and they’ve lately moved into blue light-blocking specs and higher-end frames. But no matter what style you’re interested in, everything on their site is 20% off today with promo code Kinja20.

I’d start your search with the new Black collectionwhich are built from polished acetate and stainless steel frames, and feature detailed riveting, high-end hinges, and laser engraved logos…stuff you’d normally see on glasses that cost in the $100 range. They’re a steal at $40, and you can get them for $32 each with our code.

Even if you aren’t interested in sunglasses, the brand also makes some of the best looking blue light blocking glasses out thereso you can ease your eye strain while you stare at a screen all day.

All orders ship for freeand glasses start at just $24 with our discount, so you might as well give at least one frame a shot.

If you’re in need of some chill vibes, why not give CBD a try? Acclaimed CBD purveyor Sunday Scaries is taking 30% off sitewide in honor of World Mental Health Day, so you can stock up your CBD stores with everything from gummies (both vegan and non), tincturescandyand even energy shots. Use promo code HEALTHMENTAL to apply the discount to your order, and get ready to feel calm as hell.

Hey, it’s fall! Time to break out the flannels. Or, if you don’t have any flannels, it’s time to shop Jachs’ fall flannel blowout. Right now, you can pick up three of the cozy plaid shirts for just $100 with promo code 3FL, or if you’re a little flannel shy, you can buy one for $39 with promo code FLN. There are over 25 styles to choose from, but no matter which flannel you go for, you’ll be all set to take on autumn.

If you work out regularly, or uh, at all, you deserve a medal. Or just treat yourself to some new sneakers and/or activewear from Reebok. Right now, the sports-minded retailer is taking an extra 50% off sale for their Mid-Season Sale event with promo code MSS. Chances are, you’ll make good use of these deeply discounted purchases for many workouts to come.

Winter is well on its way, and Backcountry’s latest daily deal is here to ensure that you are prepared to weather any conditions over the next few months. Right now, take up to 55% off tons of ski, snowboard, and camping gear from your favorite brandsincluding Burton, Arc’tyrex, and others, and fear the frigid outdoors no more.

There’s no such thing as too many eyeshadows, so pick up a palette (or 10!) from Tarte Cosmetics. The beauty brand has been running promos all week in honor of their 19th birthday, but today, you can snag 25% off all their coveted palettesplus free shipping. Use promo code PARTY25 to see the savings in your cart, and get ready to glow.

In the market for some new sneakers? Good thing New Balance is offering 15% off orders of $99 or moreplus free shipping. Some exclusions apply, so be aware that not all pairs will be eligible for the markdown. Not to mention, recently reduced styles are an extra 10% off with promo code RR10. (Unfortunately, these deals won’t stack.) Just be sure to tie up any loose ends on this deal and find the right shoes for you before it’s over.

As far as pseudo-holidays go, Bidet Week may be my favorite. For the better part of the year, I’ve championed the purchase and subsequent use of bidets to the chagrin of my co-workers and loved ones.

This week, however, we celebrate the wonders of bidet use with big time discounts on BioBidet’s entire line, with prices starting at a low $25. These models come with all the necessary attachments to install on your current toilet. Better still, they’re very easy to put together.

While a little sparse of features, the SlimEdgethe light-up SlimGlow and the nearly invisible Slim Zero are great entry points into this category,

But, for the already initiated, the Bio Bidet Ultimate and the beautifully designed Bio Bidet Bliss are the ones to consider. Both come with all the features you’d want from a modern washletincluding a seat warmer, a feminine wash feature, and water temperature control. (That last one will pay off when it gets colder.)

Waffle weave towels are the best towels. Thin enough that they’ll actually dry out over the course of the day and not be damp when you use them again, but with enough surface area to actually soak up all the water on your body after a shower.

Onsen’s waffle weave towels are made from environmentally friendly long-staple cotton, and will get softer and softer the longer you use them, and you can get a set for 15% off at Huckberry today.

Waffles make for not only an exceptional breakfast food, but also a positively cozy texture in apparel and linens. And these K-25 Smart Bath Towels 3.0 by SOLO-RM are no exception; not only do they look and feel great, but they also are insanely absorbent.

All K-25 towels are made from 100% long staple cotton, and are OEKO-Tex Standard certified textiles, meaning they’re free from harmful levels of chemical substances. In terms of sizing, the K-25 is available as a face towel, hand towel, bath towel, and bath sheet. Colors include navy, gray, and off-white.

When I tried K-25, I was legitimately shocked by how quickly the towel was able to dry me off post-shower, and absolutely baffled by how dry the towel still was even after I used it. What little dampness was evident dried in just a few short minutes.

As with many Kickstarter campaigns, the more you pledge, the more towels you’ll get. One bath towel starts at just $35or true waffle-weave aficionados can pay up to $850 for a complete set featuring 10 of each towel. Either way, you’ll be bundling up with a quality textured towel.

Twelve South has long been a favorite design shop for Mac nerds, and their birch BookArc is down to $30 on Amazon today. If you use your MacBook in clamshell mode, this is one of the most stylish ways to stand it up and reclaim some precious desk space. Plus, it’s compatible with any Apple laptop produced in 2012 or later (or, presumably, most Windows laptops too), with the odd exception of the new USB-C Air.

Right now, you can order a 4-pack of the just-announced Tile Sticker for a low $60. That’s a great deal by itself, but Amazon’s upping the impulse buy ante by adding the 3rd generation Echo Dot.

The tiny Tile Sticker can help find your lost stuff with its smartphone app. It’s super helpful feature available to things within 150 feet. The reverse is also possible, and you can ping your phone with a Tile Sticker, even if it’s on silent.

This current price is $50 less than it’d normally sell for and it’s an incredible deal and one that you need to pick up ASAP. I doubt this one will stay in stock for long.

You can also get a bundle with two stickers, a new Tile Mate with improved range, and a credit card-sized new Tile Slim for $70including the Echo Dot.

TrailBuddy offers just about everything you could want in a pair of trekking poles.

Adjustable height with lever (instead of twist) locks? Check.

Sweat-wicking cork handles? Got ‘em.

Aluminum construction that’s more durable than carbon fiber? You know it.

Baskets? They come with two different kinds.

If you ever hike on uneven terrain, you’ll be amazed at how much these poles can help you navigate it, and you can get a set in the color of your choice for just $31 today with promo code GIZMODOTB15. Even if you don’t need them for yourself, they’d make a great gift.

Amazon’s Echo Show 5 was already Amazon’s cheapest Echo with a screenand with today’s $65 deal (down from $90), it’s even cheaper.

Use it to keep up with recipes (or just watch videos) in the kitchen, or to see who’s at the front door, or to check in on your baby in their nursery, or to video chat with friends and family. And if you’re concerned about privacy, it’s also the first Echo device with a physical switch that covers up the camera lens when you aren’t using it.

Cole Haan is definitely a brand that can make you think twice on account of the price. So when they kick off a Semi-Annual Saleit’s the perfect time to act.

Hundreds of popular products are on sale for 30% off, including a few of our favorites: 2.ZERØGRANDs starting at $98, the sweater-like ZERØGRANDs with Stitchlite wool for $105, the versatile All-Day Trainer with Stitchliteand a whole lot more. So shop now, and kick off fall with a pair of great new shoes

Need a new pack for your upcoming journey to Timbuktu? No? How about just a sleek carry-all tote or spacious backpack from Timbuk2the brand? Right now, these bag brainiacs are offering 30% off select styles (excluding bulk orders) as part of their Fresh For Fall Sale with promo code FALL30. All the junk overflowing out of your ol’ faithful messenger bag will thank you.

Might we suggest checking out the reader-favorite Launch Pack? It clocks in at just over a pound — though it certainly punches far above its weight.

If you wear glasses, it never hurts to have an extra pair. Whether you love your current frames or hate them, you’re going to want to check out EyeBuyDirect’s Buy More, Save More Sale. You can score 20% off one pair of glasses, 25% off two pairs of glasses, or a whopping 35% off three pairs of glasses. Just enter promo code SAVEMORE at checkout. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to be able to see.

Anyone who is on the market for a new pair of full-rim frames can check out the Yokote Matte Black Eyeglasses. If you’re tired of standard black frames and want a pop of color, you’ll love the Dutchess Matte Pink Eyeglasses.

With the exception of the always-on screen (cool, but a battery killer) and the compass (useless, if we’re being honest), the new Apple Watch Series 5 is basically just the Apple Watch Series 4. They even have the same processor.

Which is why you should take advantage of the remaining Series 4 stock while it’s on sale, before they all sell out. Right now, Amazon has a 44mm cellular model marked down by $129and a GPS-only model marked down by $79both all-time lows. Different colors and configurations are on sale as well, but these are the largest discounts we saw.

Don’t you just love anniversary sales? To celebrate 20 years, Overstock is thanking its customers with Customer Day. Starting today and lasting for the next 36 hours, you’ll find the biggest deals on Overstock’s website. During this sale, you’ll find some of the best prices offered by Overstock on furniture and home goods. Don’t miss out!

You can expect to see an assortment of options during Overstock’s Customer Day Sale. These are some of the highlights:

  • Extra 25 percent off sitewide on thousands of items
  • Free shipping on all orders more than $45 in 48 states
  • Free 2-day delivery on thousands of items
  • Double rewards points for all Club O purchases
  • Club O Members get free returns for in-store credit
  • Patio Furniture starting at $99
  • Rugs starting at $49
  • Living Room Chairs starting at $99

Unsubscribe from me right now if you don’t want Halloween deals for the next 31 days. If you’re smart, you’ll stick around. Right now, you can get a 400-count bag of MARS Chocolate Favorites Halloween Variety Mix Bag for only $23 on Amazon when you clip the $1 coupon. It includes Twix, M&M’s, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, and Milky Way.

If you’re in charge of buying candy for your group of friends or family, do yourself a favor and order a couple of bags. When you order five or more, you’ll get an extra $5 off your total.

And if chocolate isn’t your favorite Halloween candy, you can get a 200-count assortment of Skittles, Starburst, and Hubba Bubba for $12.

Here’s a deal you can get comfortable with: sofa-in-a-box purveyors at Burrow at offering up to $500 in savings on their easy-to-assemble seats, pillows, and throws now that it is officially fall. The more you spend, the more you save (as these things usually go). Here’s how it works:

  • 10% off up to $1,499 (or sitewide) with FALL10
  • $200 off $1,500+ with FALL200
  • $250 off $1,800+ with FALL250
  • $300 off $2,200+ with FALL300
  • $400 off $2,600+ with FALL400
  • $500 off $3,000+ with FALL300

If you need a small-ish purchase to reach a higher tier of the sale, check out Burrow’s brand new Sleep Kitwhich turns their couch into a bed that couch crashers will actually want to sleep on. Or, you could just upgrade your couch of choice to leather. To each their own.

If you need to sit down for a minute and take that in, we get it. Just don’t take too long; this offer is only valid through October 20.

It’s not as flashy as some of Butcher Box’s lifetime offers, which add extra meat to every box as long as you’re a customer, but their latest deal gets you a ton of extras in your first delivery.

If you sign up for a new membership right now, your first box will include two pounds of wild Alaskan salmon fillets, and four 6 oz. top sirloin steaks, in addition to whatever else would have been in the box anyway. That’s several nights’ worth of free meals…or one epic surf & turf party.

Your bonus comes bundled with any of Butcher Box’s pre-selected boxeswhich are priced at $129 for 24 servings, or $238 for 48 servings, which can be delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a nominal surcharge, you can also build a completely custom box, with your choices of proteins.

The heatwave seems to finally be over and do you know what that means? We can wear sweaters without sweating. Thank god. And just in time, too! J. Crew Factory has 40-50% off Men’sWomen’sand Kid’s Sweaters. And if you’re a J. Crew Factory cardmember, you can get an extra 15% off your purchase with the promo code TOOGOOD.

We’re in peak field jacket seasonwhich normally means peak field jacket pricing season. But lo and behold, Proof’s excellent version of the versatile and utilitarian piece of outwear is over $50 off at Huckberry right now.

Inspired by the U.S. military’s M65 field jacket (which Proof calls the most famous field coat in history), the Proof Field Jacket features a water-resistant outer shell (that thankfully looks nothing like a raincoat), midweight insulation, a zip-away storm hood, and two oversized front pockets that are positioned lower than those on most field jackets.

Get it for $123 in two different colorsdown from $175, with free shipping and returns.

We all love to hate Crocsbut guess what! Those lightweight, hole-y, rubber-y slides are cool now, thanks to the always groundbreaking runway scene and one Post Malone. And you too can be hip to the trend thanks to this 25% Off Sitewide Saleno promo code required. In case you haven’t noticed, Crocs also makes other shoes that barely even look like Crocs. So go ahead and stock up on Crocs, because fashun.

It is Halloween season! While the holiday is still a few weeks ago, it is time to start preparing. Whether you need decor for your home or your entire family needs costumes, Target has you covered. Right now, you can save $5 off of online orders of $30 or more, or $10 off of orders of $50 or more on Halloween decor and costumes. You’re going to buy all of this stuff for Halloween anyway, why not save $10?

The weather has been fairly temperamental during Second Summer. One day it is 90 degrees and then it is 60 the next. It is technically fall right now, but who knows when the heat waves will end. You can give yourself some options for the everchanging weather. Huckberry is having a Tee Clearance Salewith t-shirts starting as low as $10. If the temps by you are finally cooling off, get a Wellen Hemp Crewneck for a little over $20 off.

Before another commenter yells at me “it isn’t even Halloween, enough Christmas stuff,” sorry friend. LEGO doesn’t care. Christmas shopping starts right now. The LEGO Stars Wars Advent Calendar is 280 pieces and includes 24 mini-figures, like Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, a Porg, and more. The LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is 305 pieces and includes seven mini-figures (obviously that includes Ron, Harry, and Hermione).

Both calendars are a couple of bucks off today, so you’ll want to get them now before they jack up the price for Christmas.

90 Days FREE | Amazon Music HD | New Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers only
Screenshot: Amazon

Amazon Music HD is coming after Tidal with 50 million songs in 850kbps lossless format (compared to the standard 320kbps bitrate), and millions of select tunes in Hi-Res 3730kbps. If you’ve got the ear to detect the difference, and the equipment to take advantage, you can get your first three months of the service for free, if you’re a new Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber.

Interestingly, this deal is valid on both individual and family membershipsand once your 90 day trial is up, you’ll automatically be renewed at $15/month for individuals ($13 for Prime members) or $20/month for the family plan, unless you preemptively cancel.

Back in March, Private Internet Access (our readers’ favorite VPN service) raised its prices for the first time ever. And while our readers can still get an exclusive 3-years for $99 planthey just lowered their other plans back to their old prices for a limited time.

The reason this is a big deal is that you can renew your membership as many times as you want at whatever price you originally paid. Once the prices go back to normal, you’ll still be locked into the lower rate.

Here are the new (old) promotional pricesalong with what you’d normally pay:

  • 1 month: $6.95 (down from $9.99)
  • 1 year: $39.95 (down from $71.88)

Clearly, the annual plan is the sweet spot here if you don’t want to commit to the three-year plan, but $6.95/month for 10 simultaneous connections, clients for just about every conceivable device, and servers in 32 countries (foreign Netflix, anyone?). We aren’t sure when the prices will go back up, so you probably want to lock in your account ASAP.

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