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Motorola confirms that its foldable phone is coming and it might look like a RAZR

Following reports that Motorola would also get into the smartphone flip scene, the company today confirmed in an interview with Engadget that it is working on a folding device that would later launch [no] all others the market. "

By this year at the latest Motorola's time will be reached at the latest with the timeline of Samsung. Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy Fold in April and the Huawei Mate X in mid-2017. Motorola usually hosts an annual smartphone launch event around August. At this time last year, the 5G Moto Z3 was announced with the 5G Moto-Mod, so we're likely to take a look at Motorola's view on folding screens this summer.

The Engadget interview also confirms The design would not have a screen on the outside of the device, as we saw on the Galaxy Fold and Mate X. A recent patent application illustrates this folding mechanism as horizontal, similar to Motorola's RAZR flip phone.

have tested a plastic OLED device with a plastic film on it, "said Dan Dery, Vice President of Global Product of Motorola, Engadget . "The fact that you touch [that kind of display] with your nails scrapes it. It has a short life and begins to die on the day of unpacking.

Dery also notes that Motorola is investigating various views of a foldable screen, including a single screen that could fold twice. This should minimize potential scratches. "If you know the scratchy problems you're facing, you'll have something that's not going to be useful very quickly," he said.

If the RAZR made a comeback or if Motorola could find a way to make smartphones Falling into smaller sizes, this would be a plethora of demographics: Those willing to invest in foldable screens, the nostalgia of the RAZR phone Those who have long wanted a smartphone will fit better in smaller bags (including myself and a million other women.) The revival of old phones is also a popular strategy these days. HMD, owned by HMD, re-launched the updated Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110 last year, although they were primarily advertised as novelty products rather than feature phones.

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