After the leaks earlier this week, Motorola appears to have released two new phones on its website in Brazil: the Moto G9 Plus and the Moto E7 Plus. Both devices are equipped with fingerprint sensors on the back, large batteries, 4 GB of RAM and multiple cameras on the back. However, the G9 Plus has upgraded lenses and USB-C charging.

Basically completely revealed through a leaked carrier list, the G9 Plus is the premium of the two phones. For a price of Rs 2,249.1

0 (about $ 300), the G9 Plus should perform solidly with the Snapdragon 730G, Qualcomm’s first “gaming” chipset. It has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The rear camera system contains four lenses, although the macro and depth cameras are arguably useless to most people. It has a large HDR10 display and 5,000 mAh battery, which should make it a good phone for lengthy gaming or media viewing sessions. And hey, it has a headphone jack!

The E7 Plus is cheaper at Rs. 1,349.10 (a little under $ 200). It offers the same 4 GB of RAM and 5,000 batteries, but saves costs with a Snapdragon 460 chipset and only 64 GB of storage. The display is 6.5 “and the cameras are also downgraded. Instead of a four-lens setup, the E7 Plus only has two on the back, and one of which is a 2MP depth camera. And say goodbye to USB-C. because this device uses the good old micro USB standard, at least it has a headphone jack?

Motorola loves bringing out new phones, and these two look like solid units for the prices. It’s great to see such large batteries paired with efficient processors – both the G9 Plus and E7 Plus should be able to charge for several days. It’s a bit of a disappointment to see that micro-USB is still shipping on phones in 2020, but much like Apple’s lightning chargers, micro-USB cables are still cheap and plentiful in many areas.

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