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Motorola Razr 2020: What we want to see

One of the few foldable phones launched in 2019 was the Motorola Razr 2019, which was modeled on the old Razr flip-phones, and a sequel seems to be in the works: the Motorola Razr 2020 (or the Motorola Razr 2 as such) could appear in the coming year.

The Motorola Razr 2019 was a novel device that brought the nostalgia-inducing flip-phone form factor into the modern age. However, there were certainly issues that should be fixed on a newer device.

That's why we've put together this list of things we'd like to see in the Motorola Razr 2020 after we've collected everything we've heard so far about the upcoming foldable phone.

In a nutshell

  • What is it? A second Foldable Phone from Motorola
  • When is it out? Expected end of 2020, although possibly earlier
  • How much will it cost? At least four digits

Motorola Razr 2020 Price and Availability

(Credit: Future)

If we were to speculate, we would suggest the launch date for Motorola Razr 2020 in mid-November 2020, followed by a release date until the end of the year. There is no specific reason for this timeline, unless it reflects the schedule of the Motorola Razr 2019.

We could see the Motorola Razr 2020 earlier in 2020, possibly at MWC 2020 in February, but that would be a bit early on, this would result in the unit being up for sale just months after the original. Since many telephone companies work in years of cycles, a good estimate for the end of 2020 is to be expected.

The prices for the Motorola Razr 2 are not yet known, but the original costs $ 1,500 / € 1599 (AU $ 2,000), AU $ 2,000) at release. Depending on the changes Motorola makes, the newer device may be cheaper, more expensive, or cost the same.

For the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, however, it seems Samsung is preparing to release an extremely affordable device compared to the original Fold, and it is certainly possible that Motorola will follow these steps.

Leakage, rumors and news

So far, we've heard two rumors about the Motorola Razr 2020 or Motorola Razr 2, as we've heard it was referring to.

(Photo credit: Motorola / LetsGoDigital)

The first is that the upcoming Foldable Phone could have eight sensors on the side of the device so you can use gestures and access shortcuts when the phone is open or closed.

This is evidenced by a patent that also appears to indicate that the device, unlike the one used in the Razr 2019, has a fingerprint scanner on the screen.

(Photo credit: LetsGoDigital) [19659010] The second rumor, also from a patent, suggests the Motorola Razr 2020 will be modifiable, much like the Moto Z series. The patent shows a camera case attached to the top of the Motorola Razr 2 and another mod attached to the fold, though we do not know what the latter is doing.

It is worth noting that patents are not always obtained There is no guarantee that these features will be available for the Razr 2020, but Motorola at least plays with them.

If we get more information about the Motorola Razr 2020, we will update this section

What we want to see

This is what we want to see in the Motorola Razr 2020, including new features and fixes for original device issues ,

. 1 A more affordable price tag

(Picture credits: Future)

Probably the biggest problem with the Motorola Razr 2019 occurs before you even turn it on – the price tag is prohibitively high. With $ 1,500 (£ 1,350, $ 2,000), you pay much more than most other smartphones.

Sure, the Razr 2019 is among the most affordable foldable cell phones, but it's still not in the budget of most people. We would like the price of the Motorola Razr 2020 to drop below $ 1,000 / £ 1,000 / $ 1,500, and maybe even lower, allowing more people to try out the folding technology.

. 2 An Enhanced Processor

[Picture credits: Future]

The Motorola Razr 2020 needs a decent processor if it is to be considered an impressive top-end smartphone – or even worth a high price.

The Razr 2019 got a Snapdragon 710, which is a good mid-range chipset, but on top-end phones (for high prices), you'd expect something better.

Using the Snapdragon 865 and earlier iterations of Qualcomm's Advanced A 8-bit chipset is also available. There's no reason why Motorola could not opt ​​for a slightly faster processor to power its future foldable phone.

. 3 A higher-quality screen

(Picture credits: Future)

The Motorola Razr 2019 featured a POLET screen of 2,142 x 876, which was fine but not particularly sharp, and its poor quality of streaming was video or play games. Similar to the chipset, we would expect first-class display specifications from an expensive device.

The Motorola Razr 2 would like a higher quality, if not an AMOLED screen, at least a bit higher resolution

We also found the Razr 2019's screen size a little too small, which was useful for simple one-handed operation but a bit below average for streaming movies and watching TV. A slightly larger device, perhaps a Razr 2020 Plus, would be very grateful if it had a larger display.

. 4 A larger camera array

(Source: Future)

The Motorola Razr 2020, like all modern smartphones in the top class, really needs a decent camera array – the Razr 2019 did not have it and it suffered.

In addition to its 5 megapixel selfie camera, the Razr 2019 had a single 16-megapixel lens, which was on the back when the device was unfolded, pointing forward when the phone closed. This resolution is fine, but there are a lot of features you'll miss, such as ultra-wide field of view or zoomed-in telephoto.

If the Motorola Razr 2020 had a few more lenses, maybe several on the back and an improved front-side snapper, because when the device is open, its photographic potential would really open.

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