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Motorola says it actually works on a foldable phone! – Droid Life

Motorola makes a foldable phone! The company confirmed this week at the MWC week and said that they have been working on folding parts long ago and are not planning to "come out later than anyone else on the market" with the release of one.

Motos VP In an interview with Engadget Dan Dery coughed out the realization that he may have pointed to the phone with the sweet-looking patent design from last month. Dery said that a clamshell design, similar to old Razr phones, is likely to be better in the long run, as it would protect the soft screens that companies use in these first generation handkerchiefs.

Huawei's Mate X uses a foldable design that never protects its large display. Samsung folds a display like a book, but has an external display that can be damaged over time. Motorola believes that plastic OLED displays that are used die the moment you unpack them, that your nails cause damage, and that they will never look as beautiful as the first day. He's probably right, which is why we considered the Huawei Mate X bad . To counteract this, it is a no-display phone from Moto.

In related news, Dery talked about the future beyond this first leaflet and said the "holy grail" of the foldable is one with a twofold, kind of Z design. He noted that "two very famous" companies are already working on this concept, although he would not name them. However, Moto's first cell phone will not be this "holy grail".

We do not know when to expect a leaflet from Motorola, but if they plan to join in the party with others, it could be anywhere from April to the end of 201

9. Samsung's Galaxy Fold arrives in April, while the Mate X It will be here in the middle of the year.

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