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Mozilla drops top security tools over snooping fears

Mozilla has removed four Firefox extensions created by Avast and its adjuncts AVG after receiving credible reports that it has received user data as well as user's browsing histories.

Avast Online Security, AVG Online Security, Avast SafePrice and AVG SafePrice.

AdBlock Plus.

AdBlock Plus.

AdBlock Plus 'Creator Wladimir Palant (19659002)

After analyzing the Avast Online Security and AVG Online Security last month, they found that they were both collecting additional data and detailed user browsing history.

Unnecessary snooping

The Avast SafePrice and AVG SafePrice extensions were, therefore, sampling unnecessary data.

The first blog postponed the attention Palant thought it would and so reported the extensions to Mozilla developers. The Firefox maker quickly took action and removed all of its components within 24 hours.

However, at the time of writing, the four web sites are still available on the Chrome Web Store. In his second blog post,

"The only official way to report." Google Chrome is where the overwhelming majority of these users are Extensions have only ever been removed from the Chrome Web Store after news coverage. "

Collecting Mozilla and Google expect the four extensions from Avast and AVG to be removed from the Chrome Web Store soon.

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