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My trick to watch scary movies, even though I'm a total coward

I was not particularly interested in Bird Box . And then there was Memes. There were so many memes, my God. So I became interested in wanting a bit more context to understand what people were laughing at. Based on the Wikipedia description and the Netflix trailer, this was a movie that offers much excitement with little rewards. So I skimmed it.

"You have a movie SKIMMT?" A friend talked to me. Yes. As I watched whenever it felt like something unpleasant or horrible was happening, I floated over the scrubber and previewed the scenes, fast-paced to temporary resolution, or watched without fear because I already had that was, spoiled it will happen. If I had looked at it with someone else ̵

1; either huddled on a laptop or with friends in a theater – I would have enjoyed our shared discomfort. I may have seen some parts through my fingers, but I would have seen it. When I only look at things in my apartment on the MacBook, I do not enjoy being nervous when I watch a movie with great excitement. I hate it when characters make a series of predictably bad decisions. I do not like being uncomfortable. So I flew over.

I am an innate and deeply concerned person, but I am still fascinated by horror and tension. I'm referring to the Ringer confession, in which the author describes reading descriptions of terrorizing movies in Wikipedia rather than actually looking at them. I do that too, but for shows and movies that dance the fine line between totally terrorizing and just a few particularly terrorizing moments, I can mostly consume the content with a little skimming as intended.

You One could argue that removing a viewing experience from its tension is detrimental to the Creator's intention to build tension. Maybe it is. You could call me a coward. You're right. Technology has given me an alternative way to view exciting content in a more personalized way. Cowards also want to be part of the zeitgeist. We just have to be angry about it.

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