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NASA repels the Boeing Starliner test flight to the ISS

Boeing's dissolved Starliner preparing for his first test flight to the ISS.


Delays are pretty much the norm for complex space missions. NASA announced on Tuesday that the imminent launch of Boeing's derailed Starliner to the International Space Station was postponed to December 19.

ULA issued an update Tuesday stating, "The teams from ULA and Boeing needed additional Time to do an analysis of the problem, replace the channel, and finish pre-launch processing. "

The two-day delay is low compared to some of the scheduled launch dates. The test flight was originally scheduled to take place in in March 201

9 . "Both the rocket and the spacecraft are healthy and continue to move normally before takeoff," Boeing Space said in a tweet. Boeing hopes to prove Starliner's space capability with this orbital flight test previously Launch of current astronauts to the ISS, expected in 2020. NASA signed a contract with Boeing and SpaceX through the Commercial Crew Program to make ISS astronaut launches for the first time since the end of the Space shuttle era in 2011 to bring back to US soil.

NASA intends to end its dependency on Russian Soyuz spacecraft, but the occupation program has experienced a series of delays. NASA and SpaceX still hope to bring astronauts to the ISS in a Crew Dragon capsule in early 2020, but this launch depends on Crew Dragon passing a series of safety tests.

Boeing's upcoming flight test marks an important milestone for the program if it succeeds. We just have to wait a few extra days.

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