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NBA 2K21 Update 1.02 Patch Notes: PS4, Xbox Latest Game Changes Revealed

The download arrived, but it’s still unclear what optimizations 2K made 10 days after it was fully released.

nba 2k21 update 1 02

NBA 2K21 appears to have released the game’s latest update this morning.

The update should be released now and brings the game to version 1.02 for all players on PS4 and Xbox One.


Patch update 1.02

Fans of the game might recall that the outing had some outrageous updates to the game shortly after it launched last year.

Fortunately, users report that this new update will require around 4.6GB on PlayStation 4 and 5.7GB on Xbox One.

Sticky Notes

What did the new NBA 2K21 update actually fix?

Unfortunately, the 2K21 development team at Visual Concepts has a habit of not sharing patch notes for the game until new updates are released.

Even if patch notes were released in the past, it sometimes takes days for the update to become available.

nba 2k21 agent selection
CURRENT – A shooting hotfix was the first update shortly after the start

Likewise, Mike Wang (@Beluba), the NBA 2K Gameplay Director, has not shared any notes on Twitter.

So right now, two hours after the update, it is difficult to say for sure what has changed with this latest patch.

That being said, the game’s highly dedicated and passionate community on Reddit has already worked through the update to see where it has been improved.

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Below are some of the key areas that fans are already highlighting this morning (via www.mp1st.com):

• Option to deactivate the Pro Stick target in the controller settings (directly on the start screen)
• The Mamba Forever bonus is still not released for everyone
• Fixed shooting buttons in Triple Threat offline for MyTeam
• Per stick recording settings (counter change)
• The bug with the control of the other team crash has been fixed

This new update follows an NBA 2K21 hotfix that went live on September 6th.

More information will be available shortly.

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