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Netflix increases streaming in Europe to pre-corona virus quality (yay, 4K)

Nobody has an idea when the coronavirus pandemic will end or what lies ahead, but one thing is certain: Netflix seems to be gradually increasing its streaming quality back to 4K in Europe. Phew, what a great relief that nobody has to endure below-average viewing experiences.

As early as March, the streaming giant announced that it would temporarily reduce bit rates across the continent to cmeet the demands of the European Commission to reduce the burden on the European Internet infrastructure. According to Gizmodo UK, users are now reporting that the streaming quality is back to normal 4K HDR and up to 1

5 Mbit / s bit rate, which has not been the case for at least two months.

So far, the change has been noticed in Denmark, Norway and Germany, but it seems that Netflix is ​​opting for a gradual introduction. “Please note that we are working with ISPs to increase capacity, ”Netflix said in a statement. “In the past month alone, we added four times the normal capacity. If the conditions improve, we will remove these restrictions. “

Similar to Netflix, Apple TV + had provided video streams with a resolution of only 670 pixels earlier this year, but the company restored 4K streaming last month.

So don’t worry: if nothing goes terribly wrong, you will soon be back in the razor-sharp video quality.

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