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Netflix is ​​testing a shuffle feature on Android

Serial Binging sometimes means performing random reruns of a favorite series to keep you busy – after all, it's one of the big advantages of cord cutting. However, the absence of a shuffle feature on many popular platforms means that you usually do not stick to a season and start from the top or bottom of what you want to see next after each episode.

Netflix Seems to Experience the Experience of Chance Mixing popular episodes for shows such as Friends or The Office appeals to viewers who prefer to dress rather than tirelessly for a new movie or movie search for a new series to stream. And it has been experimenting for quite a while to add a shuffle feature, but Android Police has recently added the Shuffle feature to a new overflow menu on shows in the Netflix's "Continue Watching" section Home screen discovers screen.

In addition to the random blending feature, a screenshot of Android Police showed that the menu offered several other rendering features, including an information retrieval button, one for finding similar content, and one for removing content from the Continue carousel view ̵

1; one Another useful feature for removing content from the mobile section.

Netflix confirmed to Gizmodo that the test is running, but noted that these types of experiments are performed and performed only "in different countries and for different periods of time". They are commonly available when people find them useful. "

Already in April, the streaming giant tested a carousel" Play a Popular Episode "on the home screen in the Android app. The company confirmed the test to Gizmodo at this point, but added that the feature "may not become permanent". The presence of the shuffle feature, however, means that the company at least plays with the idea of ​​ donating users close to the playback function they desire .

Netflix does not seem to be the only one that meets the needs of users. After a charitable rocking launch last month, Disney + has rightly resolved some of its eye-catching playback issues, including adding a section Continue Watching and a resume feature to record where you last came from had stopped on a single episode.

Given the fact that Disney + now has all 30 seasons of The Simpsons live on its platform, a shuffle feature could also benefit the streaming newbie. And that's not completely impossible for a function across the board. Hulu owned by Disney, for example, has a tag feature in Seinfeld that can be used to sort episodes by popularity, relationship, and even a beginner's guide.

A shuffle feature does not clean up the mediocre selection of Netflix. But it could make the sight of the few legacy shows, in which it depends on liferafts all the more pleasant.

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