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New PS5 leak doesn’t tell us what we want to know – BGR

  • Sony hasn’t announced the price and release date of the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition yet, but a new leak on Friday revealed what will be in the box of each console.
  • There were no real surprises in the leak. Both consoles come with a controller, a power cord, a USB cable, an HDMI cable, a base and an instruction manual.
  • Rumor has it that Sony will sell the PS5 for $ 499 and the PS5 Digital Edition for $ 399.

After Microsoft opened the floodgates earlier this week with prices, specifications, and release and pre-order dates for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, speculation about the PS5 reached a high point. Would Sony be able to hit the $ 299 price point for the S Series? Would Sony feel compelled to make an announcement this week? Would Sony̵

7;s first-party selection be enough to convince gamers to spend $ 400 or more on a new console? Only one of these questions had been answered by Friday evening as Sony remained silent.

In fact, it seemed clear on Friday morning that all major PS5 news was reserved for next week at the earliest, but just as hope was fading, a leak began to spread. An overwhelming leak.

Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, posted a screenshot on Twitter on Friday with alleged offers for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Editions, which he believes come from a retailer in Hong Kong. The listing apparently confirms that the contents of the two retail boxes (at least in Hong Kong) will be virtually identical with a console, controller, stand base, HDMI cable, power cord, USB cable, and instruction manual. Astros playroom, which was unveiled at the Future of Gaming event in June, will also come pre-installed on all PS5 consoles.

Granted, this isn’t the PS5 leak or announcement we’ve been waiting for, but at least it’s something. Ahmad even poked around at PlayStation fans, who were still desperate for launch details, saying in a follow-up tweet that he “accidentally cut the price out of the picture.” A really masterful troll job on an otherwise quiet Friday.

While the price of the PS5 is still a mystery, a report said that Sony’s console was “significantly” more expensive than the Xbox Series X. We use the past tense “was” because several sources reportedly said so GameReactor that Sony had decided to “lower the price of the PS5 in response to the aggressive pricing of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X”. Sony is reportedly considering selling the PS5 for $ 499 and the PS5 Digital Edition for $ 399. Of course, none of this has been confirmed, but it seems inevitable that Sony will finally announce the price next week.

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