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New Stimulus Check: Make Sure You Know These Facts

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The following happens with a second stimulus check.

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Washington lawmakers are still negotiate the details of another coronavirus auxiliary bill that would include second stimulus paymentand during the timeline for if you could realistically get paid is still unknown, we can help you understand whether you would receive your check first or last. There is also the possibility of Qualification changes that could affect a second stimulus payment and how the IRS calculates your total check.

We’ve traced the pros and cons of proposal, negotiation, and current events to simplify one of the most confusing and important events in the United States.

We don’t have every answer, but we can help demystify some great stimulus-check topics, including which ones The payment has to do with your taxes, and with Their children. This story is updated frequently with new information.

1. The business cycle negotiations are becoming more and more urgent

With the November 3rd election now 18 days awayUnemployment is rising, more than 8 million known coronavirus cases in the US, and millions more people in poverty, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The pressure to provide immediate help increases day by day. But nothing about the next stimulus bill was quick or easy.

President Donald Trump continues to urge Congress to pass a law. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speak daily, saying they are making progress on language and funding for the White House October 9 $ 1.8 trillion of stimulus offeringthat contains another Direct payment up to $ 1,200 for individualsas well as a change in the status of dependent persons (more below).

At the same time, Senate Republicans are preparing to vote on October 19 – just days away – on a new standalone bill to reimburse the paycheck protection program that would not include stimulus testing. The White House insists that Senate Republicans approve a bill. But while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has pledged to pass a stimulus package – even after the elections – it is on the heels of the White House’s offer and creates a possible conflict of will between Senate Republicans and the White government House.

Learn more about how here The Senate vote on Monday could spark a fight.

2. The math for stimulus payment works like this

Did you know that in some cases you can still receive incentive money when you have children, even if your family’s annual income is exceed the income limit?

We’ll go into some more detail here how the IRS arrives at a final stimulus check paymentBut the bottom line is that the IRS rounds up the grand total of your household adjusted gross income and adds Money for eligible dependents and then starts with the deduction of the grand total based on your income class under the CARES Act.

You can Now calculate your estimated stimulus check total (including for a second check) but the bottom line is that even if your family income is over the limit – let’s say you’re married, registering together, and have $ 200,000 AGIIf you have a qualified child, you will still see a check for $ 400. Without children, you would not be entitled to a check at all.


High unemployment rates and a weak economy underscore the need for more aid.

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3. You could make more money with certain changes in permissions

While we expect a second stimulus check to follow largely the same guidelines as the first, the requirements Subject to changes. It could even benefit your family. Redefining an approach who counts as a qualifying dependent and would give your family $ 500 for every dependent you identify from your taxes, regardless of your age.

The White House’s current $ 1.8 trillion proposal offers a payment of $ 1,000 each child dependent. We’ve broken down how Some families would benefit more from one approach than the other when it comes to your total payment. (Here is how young people would qualify for their own check for USD 1,200.)

4. A second stimulus test is unlikely to be guaranteed

It’s a bipartisan desire. Trump also wants to send a round of checks to the Americans. Actually, any important incentive proposal since the first review started running out in April has included a second direct payment.

Although a new payment is packaged in a bill of one form or another that must pass through both houses of Congress and receive the President’s signature, this is an element on which all sides seem to agree.

However, a stand-alone bill like the one now being published in the Senate does not include another check (see Negotiations section above). The House is not expected to pass this proposal, but the passage of stand-alone aid would not necessarily mean that a second stimulus check would not come – it would Keep moving the timelineeven though.

5. The IRS can get you your stimulus money faster

The IRS has already made the growing effort to figure out how to mobilize and deliver a round of stimulus funds. If a second check is approved, the agency could theoretically expedite the process of sending the first batch of payments. The tracking tool is already up and running, the system is in place, and it is likely that the majority of those who qualified for an initial exam will also receive another.

The timeline changes all the time, but we do Associated potential dates to which a check could be sent if approved before and after the election.

Look at that:

Next stimulus checks: what to expect


6. Different people can be paid at different times

Not everyone gets their checks at the same time and part of it depends on how you get paid. For example, direct deposit – an electronic transfer of funds to your bank account – can be done in paper form weeks before a check is received or Prepaid EIP card by post. We have identified five priority groups based on the first stimulus tests.

7. Millions of people did not get their first check from the IRS

If you are I’m still waiting for your first paymentThere are several ways to hunt it. As many as 9 million people It was estimated that they are eligible for an initial review. However, this requires registering with the IRS, an extra step that most people didn’t have to take. The deadline is November 21st and we’ll show you how to do it. Some people with loved ones only received a partial payment and money is still owed. The deadline to achieve this in 2020 was September 30th, but we explain how to claim it with next year’s taxes.

8. The exceptions and rules are downright staggering

When and when a second stimulus test is approved, the details need to be deciphered. While some situations are straightforward, other complications for you and your loved ones can make it unclear whether and for how much you are eligible. There are plenty of marginal cases.

For example:


Less than a quarter of eligible recipients received their payment as a check in the mail.

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9. You don’t pay taxes on your stimulus money

The IRS Stimulus money is not considered incomeand a payment you receive that year won’t reduce your 2021 refund or increase the amount you owe when you file your 2020 tax return. You also don’t have to repay any part of your check if you qualify for a lower amount in 2021. The IRS said if you didn’t get all of what you owed this year, you can claim it as credit for your 2020 federal income tax return by filing it in 2021. Here is Everything you should know about stimulus checks and taxes.

There’s a lot more to know about other government payments during the pandemic, including a possible interest rate review by the IRS and where the $ 300 unemployment benefit is now.

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