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NexGenT Cyber ​​Security Courses Review | TechRadar

One of best cybersecurity courses online The product available today is from NexGenT, the self-proclaimed military-grade training academy founded and operated by two U.S. Air Force veterans. It offers IT courses for beginners and advanced learners in cybersecurity and networking with an emphasis on hands-on knowledge and training.

NexGenT’s flexible course schedule, innovative payment solution, and graduate hiring commitment make this academy a good investment for anyone looking to get started in the world of cybersecurity. Our NexGenT evaluation includes courses and prices as well as a comparison with other popular platforms.

NexGenT: courses

Cybersecurity courses

The basic training prepares students for specializing in network technology or cybersecurity. (Image credit: NexGenT)

NexGenT offers three courses: basic training, network engineering, and cybersecurity specialization. This is a slightly more limited offering than its competitors, but it goes well with its focus on hands-on knowledge and marketable skills.

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