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Nick Kroll, the creator of the Big Mouth, talks about & # 39; Woke Culture & # 39; and comedy

Joker Director Todd Phillips has some … saying things . Recently, the architect of Hangover faced a backlash because he declared that he had switched from comedy to drama, because the "Wachkultur" was killing the comedy. But there are many comedians who do a great job. This includes Nick Kroll, the co-creator and star of Netflix's Big Mouth who shared his thoughts with io9 at NYCC about thinking about the comedy – even when it comes to sending your cousin Schwanzbilder ,

It's mostly cock pictures this season, "said co-star Jason Mantzoukas.

In a video interview with io9 at the New York Comic Con, we asked Kroll to address recent suggestions from people (such as Phillips) that "Woke Culture" is ruining the comedy. It is quite unimpressive to say that when we have comedians producing some great stuff to flip, like Taika Waititi (19659002), JoJo Rabbit (19659003), Robin Thede (19659002), A Black Lady Sketch Show (19659003). ) and Natasha Lyonne ( Russian Doll ). Then we have Big Mouth animated the Netflix series about a bunch of preteens in puberty. It is wild and slippery and covers everything from unrestrained masturbation to questions of sexual orientation and gender identity. And of course tail pictures.

Even though the series is an implacable journey through sexual maturation, Big Mouth shows a sense of mindfulness and respect for its characters. This is not always possible: The show apologized recently for a segment that misrepresents bisexuality and pansexuality and promises to make it better in the future. Despite the mistakes, the show was cited as an example of a great modern comedy .

When Kroll was asked about his idea of ​​killing the comedy "Woke Culture," he said he prefers to let his work speak for itself. However, he soon considered how comedies should not be afraid to take risks … just as long as you think about it.

"Children who go through puberty go through their own kind of hell. It feels almost cruel when we make fun of it. I think we're approaching all our signs-as flawed as they could be or what they do-where we try to treat them all with love and respect, "said Kroll. "I think you can still make big, crazy, hard jokes of all kinds. And I think you may need to think more about how to make them and who the goals of those jokes are.

Big Mouth's third season is now available on Netflix.

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