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Nikon extends the Z-Mount lineup with a fast, professional zoom lens

Nikon announced a new expansion of its Z-mount lenses tonight: The Nikkor Z 24-70 1: 2.8 S will ship this spring for $ 2,299.95. It is a focal length that is already covered by the lens of the Z6 or Z7. However, this lens is for professionals who shoot weddings, landscapes, events, street photography, environmental portraits, and more. It is also designed to perform well when recording videos.

According to Nikon, the DSLR equivalent is one of the most popular lenses for video, so the company spent little time rebuilding that glass for its new Z-mount system. It's a lens that lets you create beautiful bokeh and sharp, high-resolution images (especially if you put it on the Z7). And this version is smaller (1

8.4 percent shorter) and lighter (24.7 percent) than the F-mount lens. It is also quieter – vital to the video – and remains weatherproof throughout.

Nikon claims many novelties with the new 24-70 / 2.8 S. This is what the company says:

The NIKKOR Z 24-70mm 1: 2.8 S is the first NIKKOR lens to use the new Nikon-developed ARNEO sheath used in conjunction with Nikon's Nano -Crystal varnish is used to significantly reduce stray light and ghosting. The lens is also equipped with Nikon's new Multi-Focus system, which ensures fast and accurate autofocus even in close-up shots. The 24-70mm 1: 2.8S is the first NIKKOR Z lens to have its own manual focus ring independent of the customizable control ring, a function key (L-Fn) and an Organic EL lens information panel for quick reference provides important settings like focus distance, depth of field, aperture and focal length.

Image: Nikon

The separation of control ring and focus ring will definitely help to adapt the Z6 or Z7 to your needs, allowing faster adjustments when taking photos. The same applies to the added function key, which is at the point where the left thumb would rest on the lens.

The electroluminescent (EL) display is a tiny screen that can be switched between focus distance / DOF, focal length (with a more accurate reading than the lens marks), or aperture. Like its other native Z-mount lenses, the new 24-70 lens uses the large 55mm diameter for edge to edge sharpness. Lens-based VR (vibration reduction) is not included, but the image stabilization of Z-cameras in the body should not feel this feeling too great a loss.

Image: Nikon

Unfortunately, Nikon is still unwilling to share details about the release of the manual Focus 58 f / 0.95 lens, which is another great showground of what the Z system can do. Currently, customers who are not sold around the clock have a much faster option. As for the long-standing Nikon shooter, which already have an older DSLR version, there is nothing in the way to attach them only with the lens adapter to a Z6 or Z7.

The Z-mount lens family with the new lens 24-70 mm 1: 2.8 and the previously unpublished lens with 58 mm 1: 0.95. Regardless, Nikon has announced that its firmware update for the Z6 and Z7, which will add eye-focus autofocus and improved AE / AF performance, will be available sometime in May.
Image: Nikon

These are much-needed enhancements that help Nikon compete better with some of Sony's key strengths. RAW video output and support for CFexpress memory cards are additional features that will be added to both cameras through future updates.

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