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Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven Review: Fresh fries, the easy way

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Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven Test: Fresh Again

"The Ninja Foodie Digital Air Fry Oven is a winner and offers great functionality at a reasonable price. "

  • Good value for money
  • Multiple functions in addition to frying with air
  • Cooking very evenly
  • Preheating almost immediately
  • Easy to stow away
  • Can not be cooked for a large family
  • Large items do not fit

Even though they can extend our waistlines by an inch, fried foods are so damn delicious that they are hard to resist. Fortunately, there is a kitchen appliance that can help make fried foods a little healthier: air fryer machines that have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Ninja has recently released an air fryer that also serves a top convection oven, a toaster and a dehydrator. It's called Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven and I tested it to see how well it works (and to solve my problem with junk food).

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When I first came I opened the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven and found that it was not too big. It's only about 20 by 15 by 7.5 inches tall and fits well in a corner on my countertop. It comes with a non-stick pan and air roaster. It can also be folded up on the back, so that it can be stored unobtrusively.

The digital air oven Ninja Foodi has a roast function, but also air roast, air roast, baking, dehydrating, keeping warm, toasting (up to nine slices simultaneously) and bagel functions. You can also control the time and temperature settings in these functions. In addition, the oven is as good as ready to use, so I could cook immediately (Hello, French fries).

French Fries, Wings, and Leftover Pizza

The first thing I cooked in the Foodi oven was a batch of frozen French fries. I preheated the oven and the appliance was ready for use before I could put the frozen fries on the tray. I covered the fries with a little olive oil spray and after about 20 minutes I had crispy fries. They were better than baked fries, but not as good as fried (like the ones you get at McDonalds).

I took it one step further (hey, why not go out of my way to destroy my diet?), And I decided to add cheese and bacon to my crunchy stack of French fries. I put the cheese and bacon-coated fries back into the Foodi oven, toasted them in the air, and after 3 minutes I had a delicious-looking plate of bacon and cheese fritters.

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A few days later I had leftovers from the pizza and wings I ordered the day before and decided to warm up my leftovers in the Foodi oven. Well, this was a gluten-free pizza that is usually terribly hot. When I put it in the microwave, I get a damp, triangular mess that hardly resembles the pizza.

However, when I warmed the pizza in the Foodi oven with the toast function, it came out amazingly. The cheese was sticky and the crust was crispy. I've heated the wings with the Air-Fry feature and they've also turned out surprisingly well. "It's not a delivery, it's being warmed up in the Foodi," I thought to myself.

Somewhat healthier?

Now I was not thrilled to cook a healthy meal in a digital oven. But what the hell? The Foodi contains a recipe guide and other manuals. The instructions are about preparing "tin pan meals". To prepare a tin pan meal, select a protein, vegetables and / or starch, season, throw the ingredients around and cook.

I tried a chicken broccoli stir fry. I diced chicken breasts, put frozen broccoli florets on the pan, seasoned them with garlic and lemon and cooked the creation in the air for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. It came out delicious, but my only complaint is that the tin pan only contains enough food for three people, or maybe four people, for very small meals. I have a family of four (and two of my family members are teenagers).

What is there for dessert?

You can prepare dessert foods such as muffins, biscuits and even cakes in the Foodi oven. I made a lot of chocolate biscuits and the process was similar to making oven-baked biscuits. However, they cooked a little faster, although I used a slightly lower temperature. In addition, I was only able to bake nine cookies in each batch because the oven does not hold much at once.

crumbs? No Problem

The Foodi Tower Air Fryer and Oven have some really cool functions. Apart from the fact that it folds up and is out of the way when not in use, it also has a side handle (instead of the top). This facilitates opening and closing.

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Another well-designed feature is the crumb release function at the bottom of the oven which folds down and allows you to easily clean the appliance.

Warranty Information

The Ninja Foodie Digital Air Fry has a one-year limited warranty.

Our Take

The Ninja Foodie Digital Air Fry Oven is an absolute winner, offering plenty of functionality at a reasonable price. With a retail price of $ 230, it's an ideal cooking solution for a dorm, a small apartment or even a second cooker or toaster oven.

Is there a better alternative?

You will find other toaster ovens on the market, but the Foodi is unique because it is easy to store, offers a digital ad and can be bought for a reasonable price. The Cuisinart Digital Air Fry Oven which sells for around $ 270, offers many of the same features and a power of 1800 watts. Although the Cuisinart oven is a solid appliance, it can not be stored as easily as the Foodi.

Breville also manufactures top ovens. The Breville Convection and Air Fry Smart Oven costs about $ 400 and offers much more space for indoor cooking. The Breville oven, in a sense, outshines the Foodi oven, but is expensive. The Foodi is a better alternative for those who do not want to spend that much or want more space on the worktop. There are cheap air ovens for less than $ 100, but you probably will not get as many user-friendly features as the Foodi oven, and cheaper ovens may not cook as well.

Like Amazon 4 in 1 Alexa Smart Oven, well … let's just say it's having problems. Technically, it can do more than its competitors, since it is at the same time a microwave, an oven and a fryer, but none of these tasks are well done.

How long does it last?

The Foodi Air Fry The oven has a stainless steel exterior, a removable crumb tray and an easily accessible back wall. This facilitates the cleaning and long-term maintenance of the furnace. With proper care and maintenance, the stove should have a long life.

Should you buy it?

Yes, the Foodi oven is an excellent appliance. If you're a hobbyist, do not have a lot of kitchen space, or just want an air fryer or a toaster with extra features, you'll be more than happy with the Foodi Air Fry Oven.

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