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Ninja has returned to Twitch on an exclusive, multi-year deal

Ninja started streaming on Twitch a decade ago and built a huge community there. In August 2019, he left the company to stream on Mixer. Although Microsoft landed him and other top streamers on exclusive contracts, it couldn’t keep up with Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming. The mixer was switched off in July. After becoming a free agent, Ninja streamed on Twitch and YouTube a few times while figuring out his next move.

There is no denying ninja̵

7;s star power. He has 15 million Twitch followers and 24 million YouTube subscribers. Blevins was the first player to get his own skin Fourteen days (the game he is best known for) and he will have one soon Fall guys. Its return to Twitch is a big deal, and it will likely help keep the streaming service way ahead of its competitors.

Ninja’s move last year sparked a battle between streaming services for top talent. Some stayed with Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Mixer or YouTube Gaming, others moved elsewhere. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, another high profile streamer who decamped to Mixer last year, made his own way back to Twitch last month, as did Soleil “Faze Ewok” Wheeler.

“We’re excited to see Ninja return to Twitch,” said Michael Aragon, Twitch senior vice president of content, in a statement. “Tyler is an icon in the gaming community and it was amazing to see the impact he is making on the industry and culture as a whole. Gambling – and the people who love it – are now in part recognized by Tyler by a broad mainstream audience, and we know he’s just getting started. “

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