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Ninja wants to be at its best with the return to Twitch

Ninja returned to Twitch for good yesterday. And even though he didn’t have as many viewers as he did in 2018, he says he’s ready to get the hours up and running to get back to the top of Twitch.

Before leaving Twitch for Mixer in Fall 2019, Ninja was one of the best streamers on the platform of the year. In 2018 he had watched more than twice as many hours as any other channel.

When Ninja came back yesterday, he showed fans a bit of the streamaholic attitude that put him at the top of Twitch in the first place, with a 10-hour stream that has been watched for nearly 700,000 hours, according to the Twitch Stat Tracker SullyGnome.

His average audience wasn’t quite on the level of Shroud or Dr. Dispect̵

7;s return, but with 67,811 viewers, its debut stream showed potential sustainability that the other return streams may not have.

Ninja played a plethora of games. After Ninja started just chatting, he played a bit Fall guys chilling out with his viewers and letting them know how he’s doing before making an “After Dark” stream that he’s played on Between us with other content creators while enjoying some Bud Light Seltzers. After that, he spent a little time playing something VALORANT to end the stream.

While his maximum viewership was around 110,000 at the beginning of his stream, Ninja’s strongest average viewership came while playing Fall guys in the afternoon with 76,100.

Its five hours Between us The gameplay reached an average of 66,243 viewers with a high of 77,126. But during this part of his stream, he played with numerous other content creators, including DrLupo and TimTheTatman, and was an important part of their show too.

Ninja knows he’s no longer at the same level as he used to be – and during the first 30 minutes of his stream, he admitted that.

“I know I have to work and grind some shit to get back up there,” he said. “And that’s what I intend to do. Get ready for lots of streams. “

With more hours of airtime plus new warnings and overlays, the crazy-haired streamer is hoping he can consistently draw one of the top audiences on Twitch again.

While he didn’t openly admit it, he didn’t seem to care that he didn’t get the half a million viewers Shroud had when he returned to Twitch from Mixer a month ago.

“There was almost no hype,” he said. “We didn’t have a lot of time to work and honestly, I just wanted to get back to streaming. So there was no time to put together a full announcement with a week of teasing. We just threw it together. We wanted to keep it simple. “

When he switched to Mixer, Ninja’s focus no longer turned to streaming. During his stream yesterday, he said his goal after joining Mixer is to expand his brand and help Mixer grow. He wasn’t as focused on consuming 60 hours of airtime a week as he was on Twitch before he left.

Ninja’s first stream back might not have been the same big reception some expected, but the way the returning star handled the stream made it clear that Ninja is back.

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