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Nintendo PlayStation is real and you can bid on it for $ 420,000


The Nintendo PlayStation.

Heritage Auctions

The Nintendo PlayStation. It sounds wrong, like an Apple Galaxy S10 or something. But it's a real thing and not even the result of some kind of apocalyptic black magic. And there's not only the Nintendo PlayStation, you can also buy one ̵

1; at an exorbitant price. The game system developed around 1990 is currently being auctioned at Heritage Auctions. At the time of publication, the current bid is $ 420,000 (including a 20% buyer fee).

The Nintendo PlayStation (then known as Play Station) was a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony in the late 1980s and early 90s. Sony wanted to enter the booming video game business and signed a contract with Nintendo to develop the Super Disc format. An add-on to the SNES would make it possible to play disc-based games (as well as music CDs), and a separate system from Sony would play both discs and tapes. That system was the Nintendo PlayStation.

But it shouldn't be. A day after Sony announced its partnership with Nintendo at CES 1991, Nintendo announced that it had signed a contract with Phillips for a CD-based gaming platform. The result was the Phillips CD-i, on which greats like Hotel Mario, Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Magic Wand of Gamelon are at home – three of the worst games ever.

Sony was despised, but not pissed off at video games. Three years later, it realized its disc-based game dreams with the PlayStation, a console that can be said to have had some success.

There were allegedly 200 prototypes of the Nintendo PlayStation before the partnership was set on fire, which was apparently the last surviving. According to Heritage Auctions, the console is still working and has tested this by playing "a few rounds" of Mortal Kombat.

Originally published February 13.
Update, February 14: Changes the current bid.

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