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Nintendo's switch has just had its best sales week in the US – TechCrunch

Nintendo notes today that the switch has just had its best selling week in the US so far. During the Thanksgiving week, more than 830,000 units were moved on the three-year-old console. Thus, the system reaches a total of 17.5 million units according to Nintendo's data in the US. It's a pretty impressive momentum for a mature console.

At the end of October, the switch reached the 15 million mark in the US. It's still on the console sales charts of analytics companies like NPD. Of course, the numbers have been upgraded with upcoming holidays as well as the addition of the new, cheaper Switch Lite and various Black Friday offerings, including a free copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

It is expected that the system will receive another important boost outside of the US, with an imminent launch in China. Nintendo is partnering with Tencent to offer the system a potentially huge market for around $ 300 apiece. The pre-orders in the country were opened today. The sale begins on December 10, along with a trio of Mario titles.

By the end of September, more than 40 million units had been sold worldwide – a healthy upgrade to its lukewarm predecessor Wii U, which gained just 13.5 million units over its lifetime. The switch has a lot to do with the eight-year-old 3DS, which has sold 75.5 million units worldwide.

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