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No, COVID deaths are not just 6% of the documented data

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Astonishingly incorrect statistics are passed around saying that the CDC “admitted” that only 6% of documented COVID-19 deaths were actually from the virus. This is wrong and can only be determined if you don’t know how death certificates work. The deaths were all due to COVID, and about 95% of them had the coronavirus as the original cause of the disease.

You see death certificates list immediate Cause of death, and then allow the doctor to note it too underlying Causes of death. This is what the standard U.S. death certificate looks likedirectly from the CDC website.

The portion of the US Standard Death Certificate that lists immediate and underlying causes

That part of the U.S. Standard Death Certificate that lists immediate and underlying causes
Screenshot:: CDC (Fair use)

For more information on pandemic myths, see the following video:

You see, there is no check box for whether or not someone had COVID-19 at the time of death. The person filling out the form must state what the immediate cause of death was and then, if necessary, can list a chain of events to explain what led up to it. The instructions for the form include examples like this:

If an organ system failure such as heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure or respiratory failure is listed as the cause of death, always report its etiology in the lines below (e.g. kidney failure) by Type I diabetes mellitus).

The path from illness to death can be complex as you know if you have ever lost a loved one who ended up having health problems. The person may check into the hospital for a reason and technically die from a complication of a complication of this original matter.

COVID-19 deaths are often like that. For example, a person can develop Respiratory distress syndrome in adults (ARDS) as a complication of a COVID-19 infection. If they die from ARDS it will be listed on the death certificate, with COVID-19 being the underlying cause.

From the death certificate, we can tell whether COVID was the immediate or the underlying cause

The myth that is being passed around is this: In many of the documented COVID-19 deaths, a person had something else that made them really sick in the first place and sent them on their way to die. At some point along the way, they got COVID-19, and so COVID-19 ended up on the death certificate even though it wasn’t “really” the cause of death.

Good news! We can tell the difference between this and the above scenario by looking at where COVID-19 is listed on the death certificate.

  • If a person was very ill with something else, such as cancer, and because of that condition was unable to recover from a COVID-19 case they had suffered from, COVID-19 was listed as that immediate root cause on the first line and cancer would be the main cause.
  • When a person becomes infected with COVID-19 and dies from complications, COVID-19 is the primary one root cause (the last in the list), and something else, like respiratory failure, would be on the first line as the immediate cause.

How many people died from COVID-19 versus With COVID-19?

First, let’s take a look at where the 6% figure comes from. Here is the CDC website, which lists COVID-19 deaths from comorbidities. It says: “For 6% of deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

If COVID-19 was the only cause, it means the person didn’t do anything wrong before. and that they did not develop complications from COVID-19 before their death. As is to be expected, this is rare. COVID patients usually have a long, difficult illness and can be in intensive care for weeks. Complications from COVID-19 are common.

So here’s the important number: The CDC explains that “For the majority of deaths where COVID-19 is listed on the death certificate (approximately 95%), COVID-19 is selected as the underlying cause of death.”

This means that if COVID-19 is anywhere on the death certificate, almost all the time it is the underlying cause of death.

However, they all died of COVID-19

Here, however, we come to mental gymnastics. Clearly, if someone got COVID and died from the following complications, they died from COVID. But if someone was already very sick and then got COVID and died … well, You still died of COVID, didn’t you?? The logic of saying this shouldn’t count as a COVID death is like saying if you had cancer and got hit by a bus, the bus didn’t actually kill you.

One version of this meme “6%” implies that many of the deaths should not be counted because “age” was a factor. According to this logic, do old people just … don’t die? If you are old and you die of an illness, the illness still killed you. You don’t see people arguing that the cancer death toll is wrong because we have to subtract everyone who was older than they died.

The truth is, there isn’t a major conspiracy to miscalculate or overcount COVID-19 deaths. (And for those who believe the CDC is counting wrong, why are you citing CDC numbers to dispute the CDC’s numbers?) If anything, we are undercounting COVID-19 deaths. You can see this clearly when you look at how many people have died this year compared to previous years. something Has killed another 200,000 Americans that yearand it’s not exactly a secret what’s so special about 2020.

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