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No, don’t buy the Pixel 4

The price of the now-deprecated Pixel 4 dropped to $ 550 yesterday, and I’ve been thinking about letting you know. That is, until I realized the Pixel 4 XL wasn̵

7;t seeing the same discount, I remembered the two reviews I had written when I tore the smaller Pixel 4 to pieces and thought it would be better for you to remember that the Pixel 4a is coming in 10 days.

Seriously, don’t buy the Pixel 4. Don’t look at the current $ 250 discount and think, “Man, this might be worth it!” It won’t be worth it. The regular Pixel 4 was never a good phone, and it won’t be for the next several years, even as Google Updates pushes for it.

The battery life is still cruel. The lack of a fingerprint reader is a bit of a nuisance. The ad on it is pretty average. Sure, the software is excellent and it will be nice to have updates for three years. But trust me, as someone who has used the phone multiple times over a period of time, this is not the phone for you.

Wait 10 days and buy the Pixel 4a. The Pixel 4a may lack the processing steps of the Pixel 4 and 90 Hz display, but it has a really solid single camera experience (with astrophotography!), Far better battery life, better front design with more display and less bezel, a super fast one Back fingerprint reader, headphone jack, and only $ 350. This is the Google phone for those looking to save a few bucks.

If you want Google’s flagship product that will be retired (again) in less than a year, go for the Pixel 4 XL in case it ever gets a significant discount again. It’s a mostly good phone that will get you through a couple of years. Just avoid the smaller one.

Roger that?

Pre-order the Pixel 4a: Amazon | Best Buy | Google Store

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