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No number of patches could make "Anthem" play

I did not play Anthem as often as I wanted. I find it hard to play. Not because it's a challenging game. It is not really. It just bothers me. Something against rubs me wrong. It feels thin and dull, in a way that personally frustrates me. Anthem the latest from BioWare, is a lot of things. But none of them is incredibly playable.

What Anthem is primarily an attempt to combine the different sensitivities of BioWare games with a genre and style of play that the company has never done before. The developer is known for storytelling, meticulously designed narrative role-playing games in which the player takes on a specific role in a complex world that he shapes. Hymn is not. While they take place in a world with the interesting types of storytelling BioWare is known for, Anthem exists alongside them. It is more of a game like Destiny or The Division a part of the genre that is affectionately or pejoratively termed "prey". This is a title that combines the rhythms of run-and-gun shooters with the multiplayer shared-world aspect of MMORPGs and the quest to get better things in a game like Diablo . Or, you know, capitalism.

It's a weird fit for BioWare, a company whose games are often better to think than think that communicates more fluidly than ever before. Anthem plays, like most games in her genre, her story for a game about drama, action and grinding. There's a narrative, if you want it, but it's spilled, dark and poorly told, which is strangely standard for the genre ouvre, relying on the feeling where my personal frustrations begin. Anthem & # 39; s mechanical centerpiece are the Javelins, robotic suits worn by the main characters, which give them superhuman abilities and durability, and allow the hero a class of "freelancer" mercenary types, dangerous and violent Missions behind the walls of human monasteries. Anthem relies on the spears to succeed as a game: Playing in these mechanical bodies has to be empowering and exciting and rewarding for hours and hours.

Anthem has the potential to be interesting. But I have not felt so annoyed for a long, long time to play a game.

And on the water surface all boxes are ticked. The spears can fly like Iron Man and do super combat on the ground. It should feel good to explore the ruined, future science-fiction world of Anthem in breaking things and revealing secrets. But it just does not. The experience of actually playing Anthem is amazingly pedestrian. Combat plays like a spectacular third-person shooter with no weight and no feedback. Few guns feel exceptionally different from each other and the enemies are almost equally boring and uninteresting to fight. Flying around the world feels good, but is completely independent of the fight. The anthem apparently takes place in a world where no javelin pilot still dominates the forbidden, sacred art of shooting during forward flight.

Then there are the bugs. I played on the PC, a platform that seems ideal for such a boring game of prey as this one. But it was clouded by mishaps, stuttering, and a host of other unpleasant problems. I've postponed this test to try the game with the Day-One patch, but even that did not solve how the movement moves. Frequently, movements that were supposed to be fluid were obstructed or retracted by the game, as if the charge were being gummed back at all times by faulty charge, a little weight that I could not shake. These issues are likely to be resolved on time, but they are so thoroughly combined with the mediocre play of the game to create a mix that feels frustrating and alienating. Anthem has the potential to be interesting. But I have not felt so annoyed for a long time to play a game.

Anthem contains more, including a lush open world, labyrinthine forts, long quest lines. But I will not talk about these things because they all have one thing in common: the core of the game, its rhythms of combat and exploration. And if that central component does not feel happy or arouse interest, nothing works for the other stuff. Destiny and its sequel are the best games in this genre for the simple reason that in the first hour or hundredth of a second it feels good to shoot the various space wizards of this game. It's tight and appealing and fun.

Anthem 's core gameplay is none of these things. It is boring and mildly boring and makes the whole environment a fantasy. The latest from BioWare is unfortunately the worst of BioWare. For a developer with such a history-rich and successful story, it's a shame.

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