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Noita is racing out of early access today

Everyone get together to grapple with every last beautiful little pixel in the excellent action roguelite Noita, which has early access today. The fun adventure by Nolla Games takes you through procedurally generated levels in which every pixel is part of a simulation. It’s really a wonder to see all of your spells change and, to be honest, destroy the landscape. The full version includes a major update that adds even more spells that can be used to destroy levels. Excellent.

Version 1

.0 brought new spells, enemies, benefits, secrets and more music to the soundtracks. Biomes have new modifiers that shake them up, and some have new temperature effects like freezing liquids in cold or melting ice and snow in hot. Twitch integration has also been added so viewers can vote on in-game effects to make the runs even more chaotic. See the patch notes for everything.

We at RPS have a lot to say about Noita because it’s really, really cool. Steve Hogarty called it “smart, surprising, and hectic” in his early Noita review. While in Alec’s (RPS At Peace) Noita preview, he thinks it’s a “magical, melting nightmare” – but in a good way.

Alice Bee even spoke to Nolla Games about how to make a fun game when it all falls, and it turns out the developers spent two years trying different ideas before settling on Noita.

“In Noita, they try to do it so that destruction actually holds the game together and minimizes breaking,” she says. “But you can still find a spell that fills the entire screen with lava because sometimes it’s really fun.”

Noita left access early today, and you can download it on Steam, GOG, Itch.io, and Humble. A starting discount of 20% drops the price to £ 12.39 / € 15.19 / $ 15.99 through Thursday the 22nd.

Watch it on YouTube

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