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Nokia 5.3 test (18 days as a daily driver): A mid-range smartphone that delivers

Nokia 5.3 is the newest addition to the Nokia mid-range smartphone portfolio. It’s the spiritual successor to the Nokia 5.1 and Nokia 5.1 Plus, but takes the game a few levels higher with a better processor, bigger display, and quad camera module on the back. Read all about Nokia 5.3 on our dedicated page.

We have been using the Indian variant Nokia 5.3 4 GB as our daily driver for over 18 days. This is our detailed review of the smartphone. It can help you decide whether you should really go for Nokia 5.3 next, if you really want to own one and are still undecided.

Nokia 5.3 design:

Nokia 5.3 is a nice looking smartphone. With its new polymer composite frame, it is robust in the hand. The best part is that the back has a light-diffusing satin finish that makes it feel more rugged in the hand. Due to the design of the back and the satined surface, the Nokia 5.3 lies comfortably in the hand.

Although it is a large smartphone with a 6.5-inch display, it is still comfortable to hold thanks to its 20: 9 display ratio.

Nokia 5.3 display & audio output quality Review:

The Nokia 5.3 has a 6.5-inch HD + display. The display is bright and the ideal brightness is 40-45% in most cases. Adaptive brightness learns your selection quickly. The outdoor readability is good on the Nokia 5.3.

You can control white balance on Nokia 5.3 to increase the saturation of Nokia 5.3 display. Viewing angles are excellent. The fingerprint resistance is a very nice feature of the Nokia 5.3 display and doesn’t need to be wiped down over and over again.

The display is good for media consumption and playing with the properties on offer. The audio output quality is good and doesn’t break even as the speaker has to offer.

You can watch the video below to see the audio quality display and check in action.

In-depth camera review for Nokia 5.3:

The performance of the Nokia 5.3 rear camera came as a pleasant surprise to us as we weren’t expecting the Nokia 8.1 camera to run for its money. However, the Nokia 5.3 camera impressed us with capturing detailed images which in most cases also capture accurate colors.

We have to mention that the camera is really good at capturing bokeh, portrait and close-up macro images that will make you happy. The ultra-wide camera is also a great addition for capturing landscapes and surprisingly captures even more natural images than the main camera.

Nokia 5.3 camera recordings work well even in low light conditions, and while the night mode is different from normal low light recording, it offers room for improvement. It can be optimized for even more light and / or better recording of details.

Capturing impressive video with steady hands requires some stabilization and focusing improvements in extremely low light situations. But videos come out detailed and well exposed.

You can check out our detailed test and comparison of Nokia 5.3 camera to Nokia 8.1 camera by clicking here.

Nokia 5.3 performance review ::

Nokia 5.3 is powered by the Snapdragon 665 processor and this processor has shown its potential in many competitive offerings. It is time to test it out on Nokia 5.3, however, as many apps and games will be updated over time and better adapted to newer processors.

Nokia 5.3 is good at doing basic and advanced tasks, including browsing, gaming, and having lots of apps and games open in the background. Even if you push the envelope with three heavy games open in the background, apps and games will still continue to resume without any problems. However, if you really want to do a lot of multitasking, it might be better to go with the 6GB RAM variant.

You can watch the video below to see the review and comparison in action.

Nokia 5.3 battery life and call quality:

Nokia 5.3 surprised us with an excellent battery life in our test. In real conditions, I achieved a battery life of 36 to 40 hours because the device is often used by bloggers. This includes a lot of surfing, streaming, gaming, testing apps, taking calls, and daily chores.

Check out the following screenshots which show battery statistics after a typical day of use.

In a moderately heavy usage scenario, it could take anywhere from 40 to 44 hours, and that’s really very impressive. The duty cycle usually varies between 7.5 and 8 hours for scenarios with heavy loads.

Nokia 5.3 offers excellent call quality due to its innovative antenna design. Call reception is usually very good. I had no issues like dropped calls etc and it holds up well even on long calls.

Nokia 5.3 gestures, face unlock, display settings:

Nokia 5.3 has Face Unlock, some cool gestures, and the ability to change the color saturation of the display.

Unlocking the face works instantly and unlocking is very quick. There are three settings that you can use to control when to use face unlock.

Nokia 5.3 offers many gestures, including flipping to decline a call, mute when you pick up the phone, and double-tapping to wake up the phone. Swiping your fingerprint for notifications and jumping to the camera are also very useful gestures.

Nokia 5.3 Positive & Negative:


  • The screen size is huge and in order to compete in price and specification sensitive markets like India, the screen resolution has to be kept higher.


  • Premium looking unibody design with a new polymer composite frame
  • The rear view camera is better than expected and performs well in all lighting conditions
  • The Google Assistant button and notification LED connected to the power button are really nice touches

Nokia 5.3 conclusion:

We put Nokia 5.3 through a rigorous and detailed assessment. After using it as our daily driver for over 18 days, we recommend it as a reliable smartphone that works in all departments.

Nokia 5.3 has a sturdy design, quite a powerful camera, and good performance. Even the display, which was specifically rated as non-Full HD in India, is good and offers a good viewing and media experience. The only thing we expect from HMD is that smartphones will stop getting bigger and bigger. 6.5 inches is too big and maybe a 6-6.2 inch display could have been better.

As an Android One smartphone, Nokia 5.3 guarantees two years of Android operating system updates and three years of monthly security updates. Given HMD’s track record, it can be assumed that Nokia 5.3 will be in the league of the very first Android smartphones to receive OS updates.

Nokia 5.3 officially costs 13,999 rupees for the 4GB RAM variant in India. The US price is $ 199 and starts at £ 129.99 In the United Kingdom.

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