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NordVPN is the gift that keeps on giving – with the VPN offer you get 80% off and more

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday may be over, but that will not stop one of the biggest VPN vendors from continuing the sales spirit.

And the provider's current VPN deal is definitely one of the best on the market. Not only will you receive a ridiculous 80% discount, but also 3 months more and a FREE NordPass Password Manager (with an MSRP of 194.61 USD).

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An added bonus of this deal is that the offer is geared toward the three-year deal. This means that your next 36 39 months of VPN cyber security and the sharing of geographically restricted content will be sorted with a total payment of $ 1

25.64 or £ 101.76.

This seems to be a large sum to pay in advance, but this is for three years, which means you would only pay the equivalent of $ 3.49 or £ 2.82 per month. If you have questions or need more information about this great VPN offer, read on.

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Learn more about this great VPN offer:

NordVPN | 36 39 months | FREE NordPass Password Manager | $ 430.20 $ 125.64 | 80% off
It's easy to understand why we value NordVPN so highly – it's very simple and easy to use (even if you're a tech freshman). Not to mention the many features it offers, such as P2P-optimized servers, malware blocking and even Bitcoin support. It is also ideal for all strong streaming lovers, as it successfully triggers Netflix in our tests. And this NordPass password manager is very handy – it stores your passwords in a safe vault so you never forget them!

Is NordVPN a good VPN provider?

In a word – yes! We rank it in our top 10, which is a good starting point given all the thorough testing and analytics we conduct for VPN services. This means your privacy is secure and unlocks not only Netflix but also BBC iPlayer. It also offers a very fast customer support so that all your questions can be answered immediately, an effective kill switch (ideal for those who are concerned with security).

Then there is the added benefit of the price – NordVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs vendors available right now with this winter VPN deal. In addition, you can have up to six concurrent connections in one account – ideal for anyone who wants to save.

It should be noted, however, that in October, NordVPN announced a hack that violated its cybersecurity data. However, significant steps have been taken to correct this. For this reason, we still have a high priority and are confident that we can recommend the service. If you want more information, just scroll down.

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What is the NordVPN security breach?

In October 2019, NordVPN announced that the provider had suffered a hack that violated his security. This hack goes back to the year 2018 and has shaken the sector on the surface rather. At the unveiling, NordVPN announced that it would take clear steps to streamline things, including working with cybersecurity consultancy VerSprite and conducting a third party independent third-party security audit.

For more information on this hack, please read our NordVPN privacy breaches news. And if cybersecurity is your primary reason for setting up a VPN, please read our guide to the safest VPN providers.

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