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North wants to stop making its focus on its second generation

North, the company behind the augmented reality focals glasses, is no longer focusing on its current glasses and focusing on a second-generation set that will be available next year.

The company would not provide details on the new glasses and would just say the device will be 40 percent lighter and sleeker. It'll be a mate-high-resolution display. The team also publishes a teaser image of frames with a more mainstream look.

Image: North

North operates two showrooms for the Focals, and for now, the one in Brooklyn, New York, wants to be open only by request , The Canadian location wants to stay open during its existing hours.

Although North launched its Focals in January 2019, it has not been the most successful launch. Within less than a month, the company's nearly in the middle, down to $ 599.99 from $ 999. Around that same time, the company is laid off 150 employees, potentially in the manufacturing department. Even with the price drops and layoffs, the company maintained at the time that it had a "great few months" at the company's start. CEO and co-founder Stephen Lake said the layoffs were necessary to keep developing his smart glasses.

"We said at the time we completed our resources and we have sufficient runway to execute on our upcoming milestones over the next 18-24 months," he said at the time.

The company would not comment on how many units it has shipped.

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