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Note 20 Ultra: 5 Reasons to Buy This Powerhouse [Video]

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may be one of the most expensive smartphones out there right now, but it comes with reputable hardware and is arguably one of the best devices you can buy.

While the full price is pretty mind-boggling, that upfront price unlocked isn’t necessarily what you pay for when you hit a carrier deal or grab a trade-in discount. We ask that you find the best deal on the Note 20 Ultra, which is still a fantastic device – if it’s too expensive. In a post-COVID world, the “super flagship” era could wane as OEMs invest in new form factors like foldable and even the affordable end of the spectrum.

Perhaps you are looking for or taking note of what makes this smartphone so special. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does more than just do the S Pen without messing things up. It is a powerhouse in almost every single department.

Before we go any further, a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is definitely something that would suit those of us who have been glued to their device most of the time and want it all in one package. Do you need more persuasion? Here are five reasons why you might want to consider the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as your next smartphone.


The jewel in the crown of any Samsung device is the display, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra doesn’t disappoint. The massive 6.9-inch AMOLED display is almost flawless. Increase the resolution to QHD + and there is no display on the market that can match the Note 20 Ultra.

The 120Hz adaptive refresh rate is one reason to stick with FHD + because interactions, swiping, typing, and just all areas of a user interface feel fast and fluid. 90Hz is a nice thing, but 120Hz is a real game changer that makes everything more immersive – especially gaming.

S pen

This is an obvious reason and probably enough to convince hardware Galaxy Note fans to even upgrade to the Note 20 Ultra. For the first time since the Galaxy Note 8 series, Samsung has made some notable improvements to the S Pen.

The latency has now dropped to 9ms, which when combined with the 120Hz display means you feel like you are simply writing on paper. For note takers, there is simply no other pen that can keep up. The ability to transport such a neat tool in a dedicated port without sacrificing aesthetics is also another reason no other brand can compete.

Wireless DeX

The new DeX wireless connections, while not replacing laptops, are part of the Note 20 Ultra and allow you to stream your device to supported monitors and TV hardware. It really makes a huge difference in how useful this feature really is. Imagine turning your phone into a Chromebook for on the go, and that’s exactly what DeX has been offering right from the start – but now with no cable frustration.

What’s more impressive is that you can then take documents and more with you without the need for multiple devices. It might not be ideal for everyone, but it is an important milestone for service. You might not have a compatible TV just yet, but it’s still a decent option.


Now that Samsung has committed to three years of operating system upgrades, the ridiculous pricing of $ 1,300 is less painful – as long as you’re happy to be stuck with one device for three years. The One UI 3.0 update should be available sometime in the coming months. Granted, that’s a wait, but Samsung has massively improved how fast they are over the past 18 months with monthly patches and major software upgrades.

This is a good sign for those of you planning on holding the Note 20 Ultra for an extended period of time. You can count on three major operating system upgrades and numerous security patches for this powerful productivity smartphone. Thanks to 5G support, you can take advantage of the super-fast connectivity.


 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Speedtest

There are few Android phones on the market right now that can match the performance under the hood of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ in the US variant is outstanding on the Android side, while the Exynos 990 is still an excellent chipset on its own.

We already mentioned 5G, but it will prove to be a huge benefit in the long run as well, as you have access to the growing global networks that are constantly improving and expanding. However, the Snapdragon 865+ picks up almost anything you can throw at it and keeps coming back to learn more. There is simply no other Android chipset that can compete with the latest offering from Qualcomm – and currently only in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

But where can I get the best deal on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is available from a variety of US carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. However, the best carrier trade-in deal is Verizon with up to $ 700 on select devices. The best deal for fully unlocked purchases right now is Samsung Direct, which offers significant trade-in values ​​on select devices. You can also activate the Note 20 Ultra at any time at B&H Photo and Amazon.

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