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Now there’s a Bentley you can buy for $ 2,100


Sure, it doesn’t have 600hp or a lot of leather, but it’s a lot easier to park in your living room.


When it comes to brand partnerships, there aren’t many that make more sense than the ones in between Bentley and the British high-end audio manufacturer Naim. Both make products at prices that stretch into the stratosphere, with similar ideas about craftsmanship and quality.

If you’re a high-end audio enthusiast like me, you probably know Naim’s stuff isn’t kidding, and if, like me, you’re not an oligarch’s kid, it’s probably way out of your budget. This is why the recently announced Naim and Bentley collaboration on wireless speakers for Mu-So 2 is so cool. It’s still not cheap, but it’s way more accessible than anything either brand makes.

The Mu-So takes inspiration from the design of modern Bentleys like that Bacalar and the EXP 100 and is the first Mu-So to use wood in its design. It can be used as a regular bluetooth speaker, or you can even connect it to your TV for enhanced sound. It also has Wi-Fi and USB inputs. The Mu-So can be controlled via the multi-function button / screen on top of the device as well as via the Naim app.

The Naim app allows you to connect to streaming services like Tidal and Spotify Connect, and play music through Apple AirPlay. The app is available for iOS and Android, and while I haven’t tested it yet, it seems well designed.

Now we come to the big part of the story, and of course that is the cost. What does the Naim x Bentley Mu-So speaker cost? Try $ 2,100. For most people, that’s a lot of quiche. For audiophiles, that’s damn sensible. Is it worth? As I said, I haven’t tested it, but if it is at all comparable to Naim’s other products, my guess is yes.


If you need new headphones and want very, very fancy headphones, then these might be for you.


But wait as they say there is more. Bentley is also working with Focal from France on high-end headphones. The headphones have an enclosed design (this means that there is less chance of bothering people around you with sonic bleeding). They are designed to mimic the sound profile of the Mu-So. The materials used here are similarly lush, with ear cups made from Pittards glove leather.

As you might have guessed, the Bentley x Focal Radiance headphones aren’t cheap either. They’ll retail for $ 1,300, which isn’t exactly outrageous for high-end headphones, but it seems like a lot for wireless headphones. Still, you look like a total legend that carries it on an airplane when everyone can travel again. So maybe it’s worth it?

Both the Mu-So 2 speaker and the Radiance headphones will be available from selected Focal, Naim and Bentley dealerships from October, and online at Naimaudio.com, Focal.com and shop.bentleymotors.com.

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