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Off-road motorcycles wreak havoc in Cotswold city before police act

Gloucestershire Police Department said two off-road motorcycles wreaked havoc in a picturesque Cotswold town.

Two motorbikes have been causing problems in the area for some time, racing over bridle paths and farm crops in Northleach town.

Gloucestershire Police managed to catch the perpetrators in the act and took both bicycles from them.

Pictures posted on social media by the force that confirmed the incident show officers used two vehicles, including a police quad, to track down the perpetrators.

The Gloucestershire Constabulary Rural Crime Team, which can be found on Twitter @GlosPol_Rural, wrote, “Off-road motorcycles have wreaked havoc near Northleach, raging on bridle paths and crops.

“Today we finally caught the perpetrators in the act. Two bicycles confiscated “

The market town of Northleach is in the Cotswolds and about 1

8 km east of Cheltenham. The city was also used for filming the successful BBC mockumentary This Country.

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